Odd dream

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Odd dream
Post # 1
Okay, so me and some people, which were apparently my family in the dream, moved into a new house. We had just put the finishing touches on and were relaxing. Suddenly, I was in a third person thing where I was just seeing things around the house. I saw my sister and she looked in the chimney and saw a pink butterfly with green dots on it's wings. It was fluffy. It freaked her out so she left it alone. That night she was taken by the phantom of the opera. He took her past our basement and down below to his phantom place. He tried to seduce her with singing then took her out through a long, tunnel that opened to the beach. He was trying to talk but was interupted by some bees. As they left I understood what the bees were saying they needed to sting him. Then I was back at the house the next morning, being me, there had been a flood that night. We bought a boat from a lady down the street, I told her goodbye as we passed her, and she said not for long. I was confused, but a few minutes later, my parents were like " Screw this, we payed for the house, we'll live in it " So we went back and started to move back in. I walke into the house first and on the floor I saw a carving of the butterfly. Then a paper stuck in the wall was a picture of the butterfly. Slowly colour came to the carving. My sister told me of the phantom and she hated him. I, for some reason, fell in love with just the story. I locked myself in the bathroom and called for him. He told me what to do, but I got very confused. Then police came in to the bathroom and they wouldn't tell me what they wanted. One actually shoved all my makeup and hair stuff that was on a counter into an evidence basket. After I yelled at him, he gave it back and they left. Later that night, the maid asked me to feed someone. So I went to the front yard, which there was no more water, and I just handed 3 different types of food to a mouse in a hole. I asked if she knew where I could find the phantom. She told me a riddle. Something like " A bathroom where the sun doesn't shine at night. I went to the backyard and after awhile I found a hole and me and the mouse were talking but I couldn't understand because the dream ended.
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Re: Odd dream
Post # 2
lol random I have dreams like that too
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