Weird Dreams Question.

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Weird Dreams Question.
Post # 1
Okay so i have a question. Recently i have been conscious in my dreams for the past 3 days in a row. But the weird thing is it's always the same dream just altered a little the next time. In it i have a circle with a with a holy cross in the middle imprinted on my right hand. There's other people in it with me and in the dream there's a society that wants me to live with them as they're leader. And whenever i wake up i remember everything and my right hand hurts incredibly bad in the area where the imprint is and if i got hurt in the dream the pain would affect me in real life.

I just want to know, am i crazy? Or is this just something else entirely? I came here hoping anyone on this web-site would have answers.
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Re: Weird Dreams Question.
Post # 2
did you too. i mean even i am getting some kind of wierd dreams from past 2 weeks. In that dream i am a fairy, with beautiful wings . I see two people protecting me, they say that they are my birth parents . I also have a sister who is always there for me. And then suddenly they all dissapear and i become all alone. From the day when these dreams started i could hear a voice and feel someone's presence always with me. I dont know what is all this. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ME CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ I BEG!!!!! I NEED SOME EXPERT'S HELP
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Re: Weird Dreams Question.
Post # 3

Sorry do you mean there's a cross in the middle of your circle meaning in your dream? Or do you have a cross in your circlereal life? If we dream of church related things IE: the cross this just means you in a need of spiritual guidance. Your getting more each time you because that's how it is to be for you to have the information given clear. Sometimes if we give a load of information all at once it can be overwhelming, how can we digest it all& even remember it all? If we are given snippets then add a bit more to throes snippets it goes in more clearly. like when your revising for a exam. You read one part then add a bit more, go over it & then add more, till you have absorbed all the information. Please make sure your keeping a dream dairy/journal so you can record the information. Our dreams come from the void which is the same realm where dragons are, fey, pixie etc we are given information from our deity, our guides or other spirits that we may work with eg:angles. I do feel there's significance in the number 3 but this is what you need to work out, what it means to you? I feel the number 3 is a magick number but it also can mean lots of other things too, some will be relevant to yourself.

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Re: Weird Dreams Question.
Post # 4
I mean there's a circle with a cross inside it in my dreams. Also i have nothing to do with church it just feels holy somehow. It's hard to explain but when i wake up it hurts in real life where the circle-cross was.
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