some dream help please...

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> some dream help please...

some dream help please...
Post # 1
I've had this reoccurring dream, fairly unusual to what I normally experience. In the dream I'm laying in my bed, it's dark out but some ambient light from the moon or street light is coming in enough for me to see. I look down at my hand and notice a large spider. It's unusual because its a jumping spider, the ones with the big cute eyes. Odd because they aren't a large spider, nor did I know what kind it was until I looked around for what I remembered. I don't hate spiders, nor do I have an affinity for them. Before I had this dream start I didn't see any spiders or look for them, so I don't feel a concious event influenced me. I remember looking at the spider in its eyes and I thought "why am I not afraid it will bite me?" I also thought "why am I not trying to shake it off of me?" I know it isn't possible to see expression on a spider, but I got the distinct impression from it of empathy, sympathy, almost like it was telling me "it's okay" and then it began crawling up my left arm. Just scurrying all over it as I watched, still not afraid of it at all. I then sort of camera shifted out of my first person view to watch the spider crawl all over me. I remember it tickling me a bit in a pleasant manner. I then shifted back to my view as it crawled back down my left arm and looked at me again. Then I wake up, I record what happened and I try to find a correlation with events in my life. I'm still trying to figure it out and now I'm trying to see it from a spiritual angle just to consider all possibilities. Any advice, guidance, or help would be greatly appreciated. I'm not too terribly familiar with the spiritual interpretations of dreams so I'm hoping someone could point me in a good direction so I can figure this out. Thanks for reading!
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Re: some dream help please...
Post # 2
From my research on animal symbolism, the spider means several things. It is associated with fate (weaving the web of fate to be more specific), knowledge and wisdom, inspiration from the divine, female energies, creativity, connection of the past and future, creation of new possibilities, and weavers of the Primordial Alphabet.
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Re: some dream help please...
Post # 3
Wow! Thank you very much for the info and sources! I greatly appreciate your input.
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