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here to learn
Post # 1
hello, my name is zach. i am a theologist and am here to learn about the wiccan religion. i wish to become an exorcist and learn how to astral project. i am a christian(lutheran/pentacostal). i have had some experiences with angels and demons, and i think athena. i have studied numerous religions and wish to know about another one. my experiences tell me that all gods do exist,so i choose not to argue with any religion. if there is anybody that can teach me, i am willing and happy to learn.
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Re: here to learn
By: / Novice
Post # 2
^_^ welcome to the site. if you're interested in Wicca, try reading Wicca for Life by Raymond Buckland, i found it very helpful when i was starting out. my library had a copy, check there first before trying to buy a copy.

i don't think Wiccans tend to do a lot of exorcisms, but they do cast protection spells, and do cleansings. Wicca is a rather peaceful branch of Paganism, so i don't think you'll find a lot of Wiccans who battle demons and the like. still, no harm in learning.

Wiccans believe in two things universally; Three Fold Law and The Wiccan Rede. the Three Fold Law is basically karma times three, whatever you do, good or bad, will return to you three times over. The Wiccan Rede is 'As it Harm None, Do as ye Wilt' basically don't harm another living thing and you can do whatever. this is up for debate, some feel you shouldn't eat meat because they kill the animal, others are vegans because they feel it's harmful to the animals that produce dairy, honey, so on. i know a few who refuse to drink, smoke, do drugs, or have tattoos as this would be harmful to themselves, it's all personal views really.
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Re: here to learn
Post # 3
i already know about the rede and the threefold law. my mother raised me constantly reminding me of it. as for the rede, that's just basic. i am nonviolent. and there is no harm in learning exorcism, it's just that a lot of people in my life are plagued with demons and so i want to help them by getting rid of the demon.
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