First deck?

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> First deck?

First deck?
Post # 1
I got my first tarot card deck this week, I did a simple concentration ritual, and slept with it under my pillow for 2 nights to let it attune to my energies but I am still unsure as to how I tell if it will tell met readings or answer questions, help please? :) BB
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Re: First deck?
Post # 2
I can answer questions you have if you mail me.
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Re: First deck?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
keep the deck with you, just to charge it more. try meditating with each card, so you get a better feel for it. when you feel ready, do a reading for one of your friends. everyone does readings differently, some don't like people shuffling the deck, others do, some like knowing the question, others don't. trial and error mostly. just keep in mind the future's always changing, so the reading might not be 100% accurate, as long as there's a couple elements that stand out correct, you've done it right. it takes practice to get better, so don't get discouraged, keep trying. you can even do readings for yourself if you want extra practice, but i know some people who can't give accurate readings for them self for whatever reason. try it and see.
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Re: First deck?
Post # 4
Start with a basic past-present-future 3 card spread.

Start reading for yourself, friends, family, the cat, whomever.

Look up each card meaning as you go along.

This way you will become familiar with the cards.

It also helps to read about one card in depth every so often, then sleep with that particular card under your pillow or leave it on your altar to contemplate.

It takes time to learn all the meanings, start with the major arcana first.

Hope this helps

Dark moon
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Re: First deck?
Post # 5

Well said everyone.

I have a bit to add myself. To begin with it's a good idea to become acquainted with each card in the deck so you can establish a base meaning for each one both upright and inverse (add some creative directions if you want).

You can use the book it may have come with but it's best to only look at it like an example how the deck works and what cards might mean. It's always a good idea to have your own, personal meaning to each card.

Become personally attached to your deck so it will work with you. Remember it is difficult to do a reading being completely without biased thoughts, opinions, and expectations. However you can combat just how biased you are by meditating, clearing your mind, grounding, and staying centered. Keep yourself open to the answers provided to you and try not to influence your results with anything but neutral energies. I.e. if it's not a reading for you, don't get drawn into the situation you're reading for.

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