Help please.

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Help please.

Help please.
Post # 1
One night I went to sleep and I had a strange dream. It was really clear too. I saw this wolf spirit like thing jump out of my body, and I felt that the wolf thing was me.

Can Astral Projections change shape? I know how to do astral projections, but beyond that nothing else.
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Re: Help please.
Post # 2

It's possible that it was something on the Astral Level since we all visit a lower layer of it while dreaming. It'd more than likely represent something your Unconscious Mind, Higher Self, etc. is trying to tell you.

I would first look at the supporting information in the dream to help you determine how to interpret it, such as location, activities before and after the wolf's emergence, etc. What do you associate with wolves? Each person tends to have preconceived notions about such things. That would change the interpretation.

In nature, wolves are quite good at being dogged hunters, tracking prey for miles if they have to. They also tend to be quite proud. Is something in your life needing to be reevaluated, having a rebirth or sorts? Perhaps you need to be dogged in this focus and work hard in achieving this goal, shedding the weight/skin that has been holding you back.

Dream interpretation is an interesting thing, and not all dreams mean much. However, Lucid dreams should be given consideration. You might find this page useful:

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Re: Help please.
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Amity is right some times the dream state will mix in and your sub mind will use medaphores to fill in the blank. The dream state is a survivel responce from the reptilian part of the brain using synbols to explane certin things. The reptilian part of the brain is located just above the top part of the spinal corde. Human brain evolved like 99 percent since early man science has proven this part of the brain is active when we sleep. You can find many vids on you tube that can explane it more than I. What it means I do not know but you may be taping in to it while you project to fill in certin blanks you have not mastered yet. This part of the brain has most to do with agression survival and teritorial instincts so it kinda makes sence that you naturaly tapped in to it.
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Re: Help please.
Post # 4
Changeing form while astro projecting is actually quite common and I personally find it rather fun. That's why you must be careful when first approaching a spirit because they can, with effort change the way that you see them.
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Re: Help please.
Post # 5
Kik me mr.yung_fly26 or text 6782628416 i need help i said yo spell you know alpha spell by light of the moon you know but i have few question to ask plz respond i really need know cuz i feel strong likw call or text
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