Teach me about Loki plz?

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Forums -> Norse Paganism -> Teach me about Loki plz?

Teach me about Loki plz?
Post # 1
Hi, I was wondering about if anyone could teach me how to worship Loki and how he helps us along our path. I know everyone has their own way of "getting to know him" but I would love some input
Blessed be
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Re: Teach me about Loki plz?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Feel free to mail me. Loki is the main focus of my path. I can share my experience with you and send you some links to get you started.
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Re: Teach me about Loki plz?
Post # 3
Loki is a pretty contradictory kinda guy (He's cool though). He's generally depicted as a Jotun (giant), though was conceived when lightning (his father) struck an oak (his mother) and lives among the Aesir. He's Odin's brother and is pretty chill with Thor (they go back and forth between getting along and arguing).
When Norse beliefs were finally copied to paper by Christian commentators, Baldur was likened to Jesus while Loki was likened to Satan. Because of this, it's hard to find sympathetic depictions of him.
He is the patron of spies, trouble makers,plotters, double agents, and overall tricksters. He is associated with wolves, snakes, and sometimes spiders.
Since Loki is... a bit unreliable, invoking him can take time. With someone like him, leaving offerings of wine would probably be ideal. Making a formal alter could work as well, but he can easily become jealous or upset if forgotten. Give him his own space, and try to keep him away from images of Thor or Baldur if you can.
Also, definitely check out the poem "Lokasenna."
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Re: Teach me about Loki plz?
Post # 4
what srt of things can i put on an alter for Loki? I have candles and river rocks on two plates, and oil wamer; plus a Buddha and a White Fairy. But I want to change it around some. Any tips?
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Re: Teach me about Loki plz?
Post # 5
What you can put on Loki's alter is usually a very personal thing, but there are things that he does like. Having candles is big because he likes fire. I usually only use red, yellow, orange, or gold candles but use whatever candles you have. He is very fond of sweet things so if you want putting candy on his alter for a offering is always nice. I always have a picture of him and Sigyn that I found on the internet placed on my alter and sometimes I will put pictures of his children up, but that's not needed. I have material covering my alter that I change up when I change his alter. Sometimes my alter is more red, sometimes it more yellow, sometimes its more green, it all depends. I will usually make things for him and place it on this alter. I made a clay bowl for him that I still need to paint for his alter. He is fond of hand crafted objects. Having little toys to place on his alter is also good to have. If you work with the runes you can give him some runes. It all really a personal choice though. However as with everything that ones does you should research. If you have done a lot of research on him and have build a relationship with Loki there is usually know need to ask what to give him because you will know.
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Re: Teach me about Loki plz?
Post # 6
I can't do anything too obvious cause of the people i live with. but i am always making handmade jewelry. thanks for the tips! :)
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