Tarot card reading please

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Tarot card reading please

Tarot card reading please
Post # 1
I've done the tarot card reading thing on this website but I don't really know what the cards meant or stood for, I don't know it just wasn't clear enough. I believe in fate and destiny so I kinda just want to know what mine is.... Ahh please help? :)
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Re: Tarot card reading please
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Something to remember with any form of divination is that it doesn't show you a future that is set in stone. It merely shows you the most likely future if you continue along the same course that you are currently on. Change your course in any way and the future changes as well. When I use the Tarot or the Runes, whether for myself or for someone else, I always ask the question "What is the likely outcome if I do -X-? Then I do several readings, one for each possible choice of action that I have. Once I have all of the probable answers I can then choose my course of action based on which one seems best from the readings.
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Re: Tarot card reading please
By: / Novice
Post # 3
as Lark said, the future is always changing. sometimes just having the reading can effect the future enough to change it. the spread i use gives 2 possible outcomes. once the reading is done, you should forget about what the cards said, unless you've be warned about something.

the readings on this site are randomized, it's more for fun. the best thing would probably be for you to get a deck and a book, and learn yourself. it might take some time to get good at it, but it's easier [and cheaper] than relying on others. keep in mind, not everyone can read tarot, some are better with oracle or runes. personally, i read both tarot and oracle cards, but and terrible with runes.
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Re: Tarot card reading please
Post # 4
Ok I get you. I'm mainly worried about the bad things. I'm not sure if I keep talking to this person that I'll put myself in danger.
But I guess trying to learn how to read them myself would be a good idea.
Thanks you guys :))
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Re: Tarot card reading please
Post # 5
Tell me and i can help you with the answers or learn you how to find the answers
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