Fairy blood

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Fairy blood
Post # 1
I know fairies don't exist on this physical plane in a physical form, but I know they exist as entities on other planes. I was waging one of akasha0wolf's videos on fairies and she was talking about people with fairy blood. And based of her description and attributes, I think I may have some fairy blood. I don't know how much, but if I do....what should I do? Is there a path I should take? Should I try to contact fairies? I'm so lost right now. I have a good life as is, though it wasn't always good. Bu magick whys, I'm a mess. My magick is getting stronger, but I can't control it. Now the whole fairy thing. I just need some advice. I'm not trying to pull people legs or pull the wool over y'all. I just want some help?
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Re: Fairy blood
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
If this is any thing like what is seen with having Jotun blood (as I haven't seen the video) then having fairy blood is a means to say you have been touched by a fae. Doesn't literally mean you have blood coursing through your veins of that entity. Just means you have taken on aspects of said entity into your self. When one is touched by a deity, they are considered as a kin to the deity but not on a literal sense. Just a figure of speech. The person takes on various aspects of the deity such as how thet talk, how they tend to interact/react with people, emotions, etc. Personality characteristics. However, a person can have the characteristics to say "I've been touched by (entity)," but that doesn't mean it's true. Such a case of being touched comes from building a strong relationship, honouring, workung with them, etc., for what can be quite a while. So remember that this could be a mere coincidence.
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