need answers and guidance

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need answers and guidance
Post # 1
my name is ashley i am here because of i have always wanted to cast and been a firm believer of the supernatural!! since i was a little girl i have been wanting answers and hopefully find my true religion!! i can tell if their are spirits are there i can feel them like i usually can tell if its male or female, what its doing, and how it feels!! idk how i do it or really know what is there if its demon or ghost (spirit) or what it is i can tell though if its bad or good/ has no bad intentions and i get really good vibes when meeting ppl and i always almost get it right everytime idk if thats anything either and when i was about eight me and my lil bro were playing outside when i big bkack dog came out of no where and it was staring at me !! we ran to the house and looked through the screen it stayed there and stared it had red eyes and by tge time i turned my head back from lookin at my mom it was gone! i still dont know what that was about! or if it was a hell hound or not but ive done research and what it tells me is hell hounds usually come when a death of a close one happens but nobody died till i was 15 and it was a great aunt and i wasnt close to her!! i have other stories too!! i just would like answers and maybe guidance to finding out my true self! all covens and types welcome i could use everything i can!!
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Re: need answers and guidance
Post # 2
Welcome to SoM, and these forums.

Seems to me, you have some psychic abilities ( or there of ), and need to be taught how to control/use them.

You're hell hound encounter, is a bit off. Staring into the eyes of a hell hound, will kill you. They are considered an "omen of death", but one would show shortly before your great aunt's death, not 7 years before.

Animal spirits, which are considered "earth elementals", are usually black with red eyes ...

Unfortunately, I cannot help you with your blessed gift. I can only hope, that another after me, can ...
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Re: need answers and guidance
Post # 3
thank you very much! it doesn't make sense to me and i dont know where to look for answers! also ever since then ppl who are with me and who i talk about that things with end up having paranormal experiences they havent had before or i will get a feeling in my stomach telling me i need to stop talking and i sense anger!! would you have any idea of where to turn to with this or who?
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