The difference

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The difference
Post # 1
What is the difference in the power between a gentile and a heathen, and other comparisons? The differences between the outlooks, based off of my experience.

When I was a Satanist, and I thought of myself more of what my spirit guide exemplified, I looked for power. I seeked understanding in things, using reverse psychology and all that I could to make as many comparative analysises come to fruition. I met many people here and there, and some supernaturally, but all of what I was able to do was because of my faith. In magick, you have to be able to be more than just merely curious, but curiosity is a start, and that is all that it took to get me on my occult path. I came back with gray and white hair, as one woman would put it. There is no symbolism like another that you find in dreams.

The merely curious, and the general public, please don't read this. What made me a powerful witch, as one wise woman would put it, was that I radiates with power because I had lots of faith. She didn't know how I had faith as I did, but she only knew of it. The difference was that I knew about my power. I seeked understanding in how all the occult concepts, that I could gather, as a culmination, correlated with each other. Shortly put, I study and put knowledge together into theories and concepts, and through experience I gained more and more. What makes a powerful wizard, more so than a "witch", is that with all the practice one does, that person must also understand it, for their will to be directed and urged. You can't do something, at will, if you don't know it's there or if you don't understand the mechanics. From thought forms and integrations of thought forms into practical use, and meditation and mantras, and drawing symbols in the air, and understanding some geometric shapes comes down to basically controlling what is hidden. Simply put, I was an arcitect of my own disasters. No pun intended as a dark pagan, that I was. I even found understanding, and faith, that I was more powerful than demons, by simply reading and knowing about a spiritual law. All I had to do was believe in it and put it into practice through my actions. I had no shame, I even played reverse psychology talking to demons through this woman I knew and used to be friends with. From there it was like cracking a ball on the metaphysical plane, using many esoteric concepts into practice. I also enjoyed tormenting the demons, jumping through this woman, from whom I spoke to demons. There were many things that I learned, but it all came with understanding metaphysical concepts as to why something works.

Then there was the gentile. All I can say is, "my-my-my." I figured if all I was doing was basically being my own god, and that some day, I will hurt the very things that I love, then what is the point? I only got into the craft because I wanted a weapon to make my enemies my foot stool. I grew up knowing that spirituality is key to one's life. I was different than most kids. I was never a man of peace, and I still ain't. I wanted to assend the heights, and go over the abyss. There is a little esoteric saying for you, "over the abyss." Yeah, I was powerful.

The difference between a witch and a Christian is that a Christian or a Jew doesn't have to practice magick to make magick happen, because the very god that they pray to does it all for them, and with great power. You are justified by your faith, and that rings true, and that is what the craft has taught me by experience. All I have to do is pray to my God, either in thought or by word, and fast once in a while. There are set values, lots of reading, lots of praying and fasting, and when I ask I shall receive. When I was a witch, I metaphysically turned my enemies' lives upside down, cancer here and there, broken bones, accidents by some of the most evil curses I could conjure. The thing is that I learned all that by myself. I saw signs and results from my spells and work, where I wanted to, but now signs and wonders follow me, with both my God's authority and love.

The big difference is this between the gentile and the heathen's disagreement. . . The heathen does not take what the gentile has to say, because every Heathen picks and chooses their own belief, where as the gentile insists on having the one and only true way. Heathens insist on having many "true" ways, but Gentiles and Jews don't.

The gentile doesn't have to scavenge for knowledge, because all the knowledge that they need they just pray for or read it in their bible. Nothing is kept secret, and the words are pure. Being a Christian, I too do have my special gifts or whatever you want to call them, but it is only between me and Yahweh's purpose. I went from being your clean-cut, next door, evil Satanist to a warm-heartfelt, and don't forget clean-cut, strongly convicted Christian. I had it all, all the dark magical power in the palm of my hands, with much to do, much to achieve, well talented, but I gave it all up, when I can simply say, "The Lord rebuke you," then wipe my hands clean.

Apart from my past, as a Satanist, my new path is yet a crooked and a narrow path, a hard path to follow, because very few would seek to follow it. Meaning, my path is thusly, the right-hand path, my path is with the one and true living God: Yahweh. More power; more righteousness. "My brethren, be powerful in the Lord, and in the strength of His might." Eloff, MrGreen, has got a new and better way to fight his enemies and understand life's wonders, and seek the greatness of his God. "Holy, holy, holy, Yahweh Elohim of hosts."

Yeah, I got rid of all my witchcraft books, implements, stones and practices. I am no longer a psychic vampire; I am a new creature.

To the fluffs, the Satanists, Druids, Wiccans, shamans and the undefined: I salute you.
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Re: The difference
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Umm, I think you have some confusion over what a Gentile is. Strictly speaking a Gentile is someone who is not Jewish.

It has nothing to do with magic. It has nothing to do with "power". Everyone and anyone who is not Jewish would be considered a Gentile.
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Re: The difference
Post # 3
Well, I meant gentile in the general sense of a Christian, and so what if it has nothing to do with magick.
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Re: The difference
Post # 4

yahweh is a jewish beleif am i wrong? if thats so i totally mssed the point of this post... im a buddist (mostly) i try to do good help people give a bum the last o my change or 20$ if i got it .... im also a practicioner of many things, im a great divinator and a precog, nothing to do with my "religion" although i like path better... and im strong, i have good powerful energy that i can controll, that once agin has nothing to do with my "religion"...

so my next question or comment is if you praise yahweh, why not azrael? hes the angel of death? if you feel the darker side of power better why not just look a little farther and become a necromancer, since azreal is origionally a jewish beleif,angel,diety or what you call it

and if im not mistaken heathens have no religion or path, if im wrong plese correct me....

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Re: The difference
Post # 5
The paradigm shift for me, is that anything is possible with my God. Thank you Lark, it is good to collaborate. I don't mean to be totally correct, but to just throw ideas out there.
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Re: The difference
Post # 6
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Other Paths.
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Re: The difference
Post # 7

so its a preference.... the tao is so nice and wonderfull, helping us all along our path, not truly punishing us but not allowing us to ascend till we understand the leasson or we get our dharma correct..

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