I need help..

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I need help..
Post # 1
Hello everyone.. (This is probably in a wrong category but it's 1st time I ever made new thread on admins please move it to correct spot if this one is wrong)

My mom told me when she was little they were messing around with some kind of voodoo.. you draw doll and heart in middle of chest and color it red and use needle.. she didn't told me any more details.. but me and my best friend Evelyn wanted to try it out. My mom said needle started to move as she held it.. humans cant do it that way without help of other hand..
It was Friday last 2 weeks ago (22nd February)we made a deal that we will do it next Monday..

when she came to school she told me she had two dreams but not normal ones...
Here what she asked me to write here:

1. Dream a week ago, night between Sunday and Monday: It starts in school hall with me and my best friend "playing" voodoo. It didn't work so I asked my friend if there were any words to make it work. She said that she doesn't know and at that moment I got two sentences in my head, so I said them. The voodoo "trick" started to work but it wasn't right. A person (not sure if I should call it PERSON) appeared in front of us and stared. It was completely black, and some kind of energy or something was coming out of it, it looked like heat. I started to feel very bad. Like all bad feelings (depression, pain, fear, sadness, anger, hatred,..) only ten times worse. When I woke up, I was completely paralyzed and blind (eyes opened) with the same horrible feeling from the dream,and the only thing I could think of were these two sentences. I closed my eyes and started to pray (I don't know to whom or what) just to forget these sentences. And I did. The feeling was gone and I could see and move again. Soon I fell asleep and I dreamt of me and my best friend failing the test(exam). Next day we didn't do the voodoo trick and we both passed the test.

2. Dream, yesterday, also night between Sunday and Monday:
It starts on a family party and some people started to talk about ghosts(which is REALLY unusual) and my grandfather said something about devils. I said that I saw a devil once and he looked at me creepily and asked: "You saw the devil?" I said yes and he stared at me even more and his face started to change. Everything started to get darker and blurry and I got that terrible feeling like last week and through my grandfathers face I could see the same scene from the last dream: the shadowy person staring at the point where me and my friend were sitting, only this time without us.. Next moment it looked like a broken picture on TV without signal and at one moment it turned all negative(color), and after that I could see it looking straight at me, even tho it doesn't have face. It was few inches away from me when I woke up. This time I wasn't blind or paralyzed, but it took a bit longer for the feeling to fade out. I started to be afraid of dark again and I literally hit the lamp so it wouldn't be dark in the room.

Okey, so that's what she asked me to write.. She's afraid of it and she got totally upset when ever she speak or think about it and she would like to get rid of that THING. She could have such dream next week and week after and she's really afraid of that.
So, if anybody can help please reply on this post or mail me. Thank you..
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Re: I need help..
Post # 2
You haven't actually done anything yet, correct?

It sounds like she's having fearful dreams of what "playing" would do, when it is a serious matter for those that practice magic. While it is possible that someone doesn't want her playing with serious matters, it is more likely her own fears, worries, and perceptions. I think perhaps you should talk to her about why she is so fearful of these dreams, maybe buy or make a dream catcher or dream sachet to keep away the bad dreams. If it will help her feel better, you might even teach her shielding or similar protection to keep her confidence that she is fully safe.
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Re: I need help..
Post # 3
Yeah I'll do that. She said she feel like it's some kind of warning too but wasn't sure. I forgot to mention we both are learning about magick and stuff, just she isn't registered here yet.. But thanks I'll talk to her. Just.. Can you feel that feeling after you wake up? I thought dreams end as you wake up.. I never felt anything after nice dream or some kind of nightmare..
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Re: I need help..
Post # 4
Yes, you can continue to feel a feeling after you wake. Especially if the dream was particularly happy or scary. It is why when you wake up from a nightmare in the middle of the night, that you are looking in all the corners for the boogieman to jump out at you. And often, when you wake up like that, you end up with sleep paralysis, which keeps you from moving while your body is still asleep. It's actually pretty common.
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Re: I need help..
Post # 5
oh okey thank you ^^
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Re: I need help..
Post # 6
Thank you,DanniBird.I love your post.
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