Invoking Gods & Elements

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Invoking Gods & Elements
Post # 1
Hello, i'm just wondering if you are casting a spell which includes invoking Gods, Goddesses, Elements and etc.. does that mean you worship that kind of God/ Goddess?? or are you are plain invoking them?.. what if you don't want to worship that God/Goddess but really, want to cast that certain spell but that God/Goddess is required to be invoked..?

Ex: most beauty spells/glamour spells are related to invoking venus. i studied mythology and i know that venus is the goddess of beauty. so, does invoking venus will turn out to be like worship her?..what if i only want to stick to one god and one goddess, or saint?..

PS: i don't dislike venus or anything. if she is your goddess, i have my respect in you. i just want to learn..

I think invoking the elements are natural though. because they are one of nature. but what exactly are these elements of? are they just elements? Fire, Water, Air and Earth?..

and also, how does one get close to her/his element? is it based on the birth sign?..

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Re: Invoking Gods & Elements
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Firstly you don't need to invoke any specific deity in order to cast certain spells although if you want to invoke one some may be more appropriate than others. Using your own example Venus or Aphrodite may help with a beauty spell but there are other means to the same goal and you don't necessarily need their aid. You don't have to actively worship a deity when invoking them either although if you don't personally worship them then I think it'd probably distract you rather than focusing you. So basically you can either invoke the deity if you feel it will help, invoke the deity you do worship (they'll usually still be able to help even if it isn't their area of expertise) or just cast a spell without invoking any deity at all.

The physical elements are the embodiment of their spiritual counterparts although are not in themselves confined to those forms. To explain that a little the element of fire is everything that makes up a flame and much more, it's a difficult concept to describe. I find it's easier to understand once you've worked with them a little (see below).

As for your element. We don't actually have just one element that we work with as we are capable of working with all of them however many people find it easier to work with one or two at first simply because the attributes of that element are better reflected in their own sense of mind but most spell or ritual work will invoke all four equally (and possibly spirit as well). To get to grips with any one element it's typically believed that the easiest way is through meditation. It often helps if you're near the physical embodiment of the element when starting this although not necessary (so by a river when meditating on water or an open flame for fire etc). The first task is typically to visualize the element and just try to get to grips with what it means to you, so don't just look at it in your mind but actually think about the different forces behind the element and how they make you feel. Once you've done that the next step is to put yourself in its' shoes and actually picture yourself completely surrounded by the element both living and breathing its energy, note though that you should not feel suffocated by earth or water and should not feel burnt by fire or air. The idea behind that final step is to allow you to understand the element just that little bit better. Hopefully once you practice with them a little you start to understand them a little better and then the questions almost start answering themselves although I'm sure there's someone here who can explain the concept better than I can.
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Re: Invoking Gods & Elements
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Generally one does not call upon a Deity in which they do not believe when doing spellwork. After all, if you were that Deity would you have any interest in taking time out of your busy schedule to do work for someone who isn't even one of your followers? Deities are not spell ingredients. They are powerful beings in their own right. Simply deciding to call upon them as you would a bit of sage or a candle is disrespectful.

If you have a spell that calls upon a God or Goddess in whom you hold no belief, then the better option would be to take the bones of the spell but rewrite it to leave out the Deity names.
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Re: Invoking Gods & Elements
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Sorry just as a bonus thing to add that suddenly occurred to me is that there's a difference between worship and believe. Lark's absolutely right if you don't believe in the deity then there's little point in invoking them. However you may believe in a deity without actively worshiping them. As an example with my own faith I believe in the Tuatha De Danann (Irish Celtic pantheon) but only actively worship a smaller proportion of them, I do work with most of them from time to time but largely I focus on the Dagda and his children. So in my case I will be quite happy to invoke any of the Tuatha De if I need there aid but would preferentially choose one of the ones I work with more often as they're more likely to actually help me. I would say though that I wouldn't typically seek a deity outside this pantheon, I'm aware of there existence but have no real working relationship with them.
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Re: Invoking Gods & Elements
Post # 5
Hello guys, your replies are very very much appreciated!haha:D i learned a lot..! thank you so much!:D


i can really see your point on your explanation of the elements.thank you very much. but when i meditate and think about the elements, and know what they mean to me, all negative results come out. can you help me? how can i put it unto positive? example, when i think about water, i like having fun with water, where it's on the safe side like in a pool, a small river, or a small lake. but when the ocean or the sea comes to mind, i get scared and even when looking at the water, i feel sick.. and then in fire, i imagined a small campfire, a glowing torch then it came to massive range of fires everywhere burning and smoke, then in earth, i first thought of rocks, then mountains, and after then, there was earthquake and landslides and when i think about air, i thought the breeze, fresh scents, and relaxation, then all of a sudden, tornados and i'm also falling.. what am i doing really??.. i really suck at it!hahaha i'm very sorry. i'm dissapointed in myself too. :( thank you so much for your reply!:DD


Hello, yes, i believe in what you're saying and you really have a point. i do believe in all Gods/Goddesses and i know that all of them are real. that's why i was really curious about invoking them, i don't want to be disrespectful on any deity at all. but can i really change the spell, does it work when changing it..? i never tried any spells that has on the invoking level nor candles,potions and i don't have a wand either. all spells i tried are just chants. and some on mirror chants. and all of them worked. that's why i asked before invoking anything because i don't have any experience on it. and what if you do believe on all the deities and just wants your aid on the spell that has their names on it and i will also be sincerely thankful to them after but will only go back to my one God that i believe the most? is that okay?..thank you so much for the reply!:D
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Re: Invoking Gods & Elements
By: / Novice
Post # 6
You definitely don't "suck at it" that's actually a really good start. All the elements possess both positive and negative attributes to appreciate both is far more beneficial than on only the one. What I would suggest though is that you need to take the second step of actually visualizing yourself being at one with the element, you need to appreciate what it can do but preferably not feel afraid of it, if you are a part of the element then it is of no danger to you.

To give an example for you to follow when I reflect on water I incorporate, springs, rivers, lakes, oceans, snow and ice whilst focussing on both the tranquil and destructive side of the manifestations. Once I try to understand things from water's perspective to me it begins to represent a compassion and sensitive element that is fairly easy going and adaptable but one that also has a side of sadness and at times anger.
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Re: Invoking Gods & Elements
Post # 7
It is true what Murfie says when you finally learn the good and bad side or peacefull or destructible what ever you perfer you can fully understand it in its physical and spiritual way of life.
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