Hurt by Differences

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Hurt by Differences
Post # 1
Has anyone been mistreated because of being wiccan? My parents prefer my brother and make feel bad because they only notice the bad things I do. Whenever I do something good they never notice. People in my life dedicate all of theirs to running all of mine. I try to please them all, the bitter person I've become. Everyone tries to put me down. All throughout life I've been harassed physically, mentally, and emotionally. Some have asked me why I am still living. The friends I think I have ignore me and when I want to talk about my troubles, they call me crazy. I try so hard to be like every one else, but I can't because I'm different.
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Re: Hurt by Differences
Post # 2
My first question is, and i don't want to sound mean is, why would you want the respect of someone who doesn't respect you?
They don't desrve your respect!! Ignorence is curse everyone bares to some degree. You have to be the one to rise above. it takes too long whne you wait for people to change. you should matter to you before anyone else. I wish i could give you a magickal solution that would open the eyes of the people around you, but I can't. Just do what you believe is right, don't harm the ones you love, and stay true to yourself
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Re: Hurt by Differences
Post # 3
Try pushing on ive been bullied my whole life for beong different but me id rather be different and am proud of it respect is earned and if they cant respect ur belifes then dont worry about it it will only bring u suffering sotry to find someone who will respect u and ur belifes i use to be a lone wolf and fighter and realized it wasnt worth the trouble and suffering so i say try to find someone or some people who can respect u and like wise in re turn i did and im fine and happy wth things now and best of no disrespect or bullying so i hope ur able to find ur way to happiness and good luck
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Re: Hurt by Differences
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
While possibly others focus is on not so great thigks about you ,you should focus more on the great side of you .Nobody can put you down if you do not let them emotionally .It takes a great spirit to smile when hurt and abused ,but sometimes that is how we are challenged to become greater souls than the ones who take pleasure to make others miserable .Yes ,it is painful and it is sad ,but falling forever in the botemless pit of rejection and sorrow will not do the trick for you .
We ,darling ,not live for others and we do not live because their approval or not .We live just because there are reasons to live .I find everyday a few reasons to live and few reasons to grow .I find few things to admire and appreciate .Such things are simple as colorful flower or song of the birds ,song from the radio .If others put you down your job is to put yourself up ,to grow and become stronger but not for them for yourself .
Being different can be also joy if you can nurture it within you and create something beautiful out of it ,something you can teach others .Nurture yourself ,heal yourself ,love yourself ,keep your chin up and shine your colors no matter what .
Since you are Wiccan every time you feel sad and weak chant the most famous Chants with all heart and soul and give all your pain and frustration to our mother Earth .The Goddess will always take care of you and all of us as children of hers ,always remember that .We are not always good toward the Goddess, but she always take care of us .Seek inspiration from her to find same strenght in your heart and soul and same love toward all living .
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