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Post # 1
I have seen many asking about what is a pentagram.So i thought i could give you just an idea of what it is.
The pentagram is a symbol of a star enclosed within a circle.Always with five points,each has its own meaning.The points represent the five elements.The top point represents the SRIRIT,the left point represents WATER,the right point represents the Air,the lower left represents EARTH and the lower right the FIRE element.
The pentagram shows connection with the elements.It also represents a microscopic human with his arms and legs outstretched.The pentagram is generally used for protection and creation of sacred space.I guess all of you have heard the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram(LBRP).Some believe that the upside down pentagram represents satan or evil.But mostly,pentagram plays a vital part in witchcraft.
I hope this cleared some of your doubts.
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Re: Pentagrams.
Post # 2

A downward pentagram can also mean a second level initiate in a coven, however the symbol isn't worn as openly today given it's negative conotation.

I've also heard pentacle been used for the pagan representation and pentagram used for the more satanic representation.

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Re: Pentagrams.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Actually, the five-point star enclosed in a circle, as you describe, is called a pentacle. The pentagram is the star it self. The pentagram has five points with each line drawn straight through, allowing intersecting lines to be made. Thus drawn in five strokes. Commonly with neo-paganism, the pentagram/pentacle is seen as being associated with, earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. As well as with magick, protection, the universe, and other associations. However, other belief systems have been known to associate the points with different element sets. A pre-modern association was very similar to the microscopic human concept in that the early Christians used the pentagram to symbolize the 5 wounds of Christ. In short, what the pentagram associates with, if any in particular, is up to the individual.

Concerning elements there's a method of invoking elements based upon how the pentagram/pentacle is drawn; starting point, direction, ending point. Same goes for specific ways in which one banishes/closes/departs (what ever you wish to call it) the elements invoked in said manner.

Sure, the inverted pentagram/pentacle has been associated with satanism for being able to draw the baphomet goat head within the star, but truly it's no more evil than the pentagram. It's an opinion that rests in the eyes of the beholder.

You could even take the hexagram (six-pointed star) and make various associations. The Star of David. The sword and chalice united. And even here the baphomet again, but one with a an additive of a lit flame atop the head for the upper point.

All in all, the matter is not so much what the pentagram means, but rather a question of "what does it mean to me, if any meaning there may be?" that the individual may ask his/her self.
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Re: Pentagrams.
Post # 4
Thanks for the addings.I hope this will help many to understand the concept of pentagrams:)
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Re: Pentagrams.
Post # 5
Its also shows the degree of learning one is at.
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