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Spiritual Entities
Post # 1
Alright I have had a nice long think before I post this because I'm sure people will look at me like huh? So I have obviously pulled through regardless and will post it anyways.

Alright, so entities of season and celebration and general happiness who could be typed as (and I will use generic names so as to keep everyone on the same page) Santa, Easter Bunny, and the Sandman. Not necessarily doing things like delivering manufactured goods, painted and chocolate eggs, or sand for sleep, but rather that warm loving feeling we get. Such as on your holiday that feeling of love and closeness you might feel with your family. Or the entity cupid. He may not shoot you in the butt with a heart shaped arrow, but rather helps with the coincides leading up to your meeting. I do not think they are actually physical entities, but rather energy beings who spread positive feelings all around. What are your guys/gals thoughts on this? I mean the myth had to come from somewhere and I don't think it is the oh so creative parents of hundreds of years ago. Please if you think I am wrong nothing rude please. Just correct me or tell me your thoughts lol.
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Re: Spiritual Entities
By: / Novice
Post # 2
well, a lot of those things you listed were historical in origin. Santa and Cupid were monks who did great things. St. Nickolas would give to the poor. [also the saint of prostitutes because he would save woman from a life on the streets] as for Cupid, yes there's a Roman god, but the day is based off St. Valentine who would marry people against their parents wishes. Easter Bunny, is based off an old Ostara tale where a rabbit found a robins egg and painted it in the goddesses favourite colours as a gift. Sandman, not sure lol.

true, these creatures do provide joy to people, and in a sense is why we keep the stories going. i was always taught that Santa was a spirit; a symbol. he represents selflessness, charity, and giving unto others. i still belief in Santa, but as the spirit of giving, not a man with gifts.
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Re: Spiritual Entities
Post # 3
TheGuide, i believe you are very accurate in your presumption, as i believe it is belief itself that creates and shapes reality, "and it will be in heaven as it is on earth", thus with enough belief in an entity (for example "Santa") that being is given form in spirit and may channel itself in the form of spirit influencing emotions and actions.
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