Ritual bathes

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Ritual bathes
By: / Novice
Post # 1

Why should you do a ritual bath?

The main purpose of most ritual bathes is to cleanse yourself. Though there are more advance bathes so you can increase your confidence or wealth but I will get into those later on. I am a water child. Not saying ti is my element. I just adore water.

When cleansing yourself it is meant for the outside of you and inside yourself spiritually and mentally. This post will give a basic outline to practice your first ritual bath if you have not done so yet.

What can I use in the ritual?

You can use salts. As well as herbs, oils, and candles, and anything else you think would be good for the bath ritual. Or if the ritual calls for a certain thing. With candles you would be choosing what color the candle is and if you wish to get a scented candle. It is always good to create a postive atmosphere.

Also Incense are wonderful. They are sometime cheaper than candles if you cannot afford them though I like using both. Some scents can be used as an offering to Gods,fae,spirit, or ancestors.

Music is a great thing to add. Something to bring the mood if you can. My last radio gave up on me. So I need to buy a new one. I suggest using nature sounds or simple jazz or something related. Or do what you think is best.

I usually offer some type of food or drink. When I can I offer wine to the being I invoke or ask for help. Also flowers are good offering.

Some people use special water such as holy water or moon or tonics in the bath you can use these if you wish to.

i suggest including elements from your beliefs either the chinese, western or norse, or whatever you practice include all them that apply to you if you can.

Example :

  • Fire-Candle, Hot water
  • Earth- Salt, Herbs, Certain offerings are earth based.
  • Air- Incense, Aroma
  • Water- The special waters or The bath water itself.
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Re: Ritual bathes
Post # 2

Wonderful post Feng. :)

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