Strengthening Ability????

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Strengthening Ability????

Strengthening Ability????
Post # 1
Can anyone knowledgeable on Empathy help me strengthen my ability with any techniques and/or tips. I know everyone is born with it and they must find themselves to find and feel Empathy. So, I was just wondering if there were any tips, lessons etc...

Blessed Be & Much Luv
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Re: Strengthening Ability????
Post # 2
Meditation can do wonders for people.

There are also different things like trying to read people through their expression. It helps you to open yourself to their feelings. Before long you will be to feel what they do.

Chakra work may also help.

Different people do different things depending on what works best for them so experiment and see what works best for you.
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Re: Strengthening Ability????
Post # 3
Yes, meditation would be greatly helpful also work on you ability to connect with people, to do this with your projecting hand (the hand you write with) opened, palm facing the subject you wish to connect to (like you are signalling someone to stop), imagine a beam of light (energy) leaving your hand and extending to the subject, for practice it is best to do this when the subject does not expect it that way you can know if you are connecting well or not, if you connect well the subject will look at you blankly and somewhat quizzically, once you have connection down you may begin to learn how to send and receive information through this connection. I wish you the best of luck in your learnings!
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Re: Strengthening Ability????
Post # 4

Meditation is good in order to help focus on the sensations in the surrounding environment, as well as to become more aware of yourself and what is normal for you. Most people aren't that atune with themselves and often miss the subtle suggestions and signals that people give off to one another.

There's a really good guide that the woman who runs Empath Zone put up that you might find useful. You can download it here:

The real key to strengthening your ability is to just keep practicing in a neutral environment where you can have as many controls in place as possible to reduce the number of variables. Test, test, test and build upon your discoveries.

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