Hammer Hallowing

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Hammer Hallowing
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
Start by facing north. Sized at about a foot high and five to six feet away from your body, draw in the air with your right index finger, the runes starting with Fehu. Visualize a red beam of light projecting from your fingertip. Draw all runes of the Elder Futhark as you turn in a clockwise direction. As you draw each rune sing their names. When you lastly draw and sing Othala you will be facing north again. Othala will be be drawn next to Fehu.

As you face north, hold your arms straight out visualizing an equilateral cross stretching out and reach the ring of runes with the center point at your solar plexus; the arms of the cross that intersect the rune band are in the directions north, south, east, and west. Imagine a spherical blue light surrounding you with the red rune band as the equator. Imagine a vertical axis coming through the length of your body reaching out to the infinite space above and infinite space below. Feel and see the force flowing into you from all six fields as it builds into a bright red glowing ball of light at your center.

Touch your right index finger at your solar plexus. Gather some of the Runemight into your hand, thrust it forward, sending that force from the center to a point on the inside of the outer sphere. Sign the hammer with the collected might. The hammer is drawn like an upside-down capital T; starting at the top moving down, then from left to right. Intone the words:

"Hammer in the North, hallow and hold this holy stead!"

Turn 90 degrees to the right, trace another hammer sign and intone:

"Hammer in the East, hallow and hold this holy stead!"

Turn to the south:

"Hammer in the South, hallow and hold this holy stead!"

And in the west:

"Hammer in the West, hallow and hold this holy stead!"

Facing to the north again, gaze upward. Sign the hammer on the "ceiling" of the sphere and intone:

"Hammer above me, hallow and hold this holy stead!"

Gaze below you and sign the hammer on the "floor" of the sphere:

"Hammer below me, hallow and hold this holy stead!"

Strike the "cross" position with your arms stretched out and say:

"Hammer hallow and hold this holy stead!"

Turning to the right, repeat this once for each of the other four (or eight) directions and once for the vertical axis.

Lastly, center the forces by folding your arms in from the cross position with your fingers touching at the solar plexus and say:

"Around and in me, Asgardhr and Midhgardhr!"

At the Well of Wyrd: A Handbook of Runic Divination by Edred Thorsson.
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