weird situation

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weird situation
Post # 1
I have asked several questions here, and got good responses too,..
Still one big question is there with me for years, what happened to me and my husband,
Please give me a solution,
Our s was a love marriage, our sexual conduct was good before marriage, but all this 3 years, but not for the first 4 days of marriage, my husbands sexual behaviour ha changed. That is not happening between us anymore, WHY ? Even for pregnancy my husband prefers artificila inseminatation. If at all after some cleansing i try, he is good only. But why is the toughness ?
I have a doubt in 3 persons, and am sure of it,
I strongly believe these are the 3 persons, mainly,
Mainly a guy who had some thought on me, used to be a black magic follower by then and heard receently from that guy itself, he told i would harm his potency !!!
There are some other curses too, all have tangled together and causing muliple toughness in life and making us against each of them and leting us not live a happy life and start a family :((
Please suggest a powerful remedy, please...
I have no other place to ask for help,,,
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Re: weird situation
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This is not an issue where magic should be the first thing you think about. Before I looked to a magical source I would make sure that your husband has a thorough medical examination to make certain that the problem isn't a medical one. Low testosterone levels can cause loss of interest in sex and are easily treatable. And that's only one reason this might be happening.

I think you both might benefit from marital counseling to see if there are some unresolved issues between the two of you that are interfering with your relationship. Stress, worry over finances, and a lot of other issues can also cause a decrease in sexual interest.

Always look for mundane reasons before you jump to the conclusion that it is someone working magic against you.
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Re: weird situation
Post # 3
Dear lark,
I have gone through medical examinations and he too. But the fact is the comparison. There is no such things as stress and other things you said.
I expected a very caring reply as yours, thanks to you.
But still i wish to say, that there is magicks involved and i am certainly looking for a cleansing and protection !
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