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How has......
Post # 1
Besides the obvious "well I practise magic now!", How has magick changed your life?

I know I wouldn't be as healthy, thats for sure! I work out for spiritual reasons, and try not smoke or drink (Bad influences, I drink socially and am trying to stop smoking). It also give me a way to explain the things that have happened in my life (Lots of spirits in my life).
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Re: How has......
Post # 2
Magick has helped me better understand who I am and why. A lot of bad and weird things have happened to me in my life. And while I'm not saying the support of my family/friends wasn't great, I needed something more! I fell in love with magick when Harry potter came out. Then I learned about Wicca and real witchcraft (vs. Harry potter) and I finally felt at peace. I was complete. My goddess has helped me in soo many ways. Idk what everyone believes in, but as long as u are faithful to ur faith and harm none, do what u will (part of Wiccan rede)
Blessed be
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Re: How has......
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Through meditation, I have learned to will myself into a meditative state. You'd think it'd make for a neat party trick and little else, but its uses are many. For one, it allows me to exit my body and enter the astral plane, where I can get in touch with my subconscious and conference with other-worldly beings. It also temporarily heightens my pain tolerance, reduces my stress levels, and even cures my headaches.

But more importantly, it's indelibly marked the course of my life. With magic, I've acquired large sums of money during periods of dire financial straits, helped friends to heal from their ailments quicker, and met the man I fell in love with. It has greatly enriched my otherwise pessimistic outlook on life, and I couldn't speak any higher of it.

Blessed be.
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Re: How has......
Post # 4
Well let's see. Magic helps me everyday to see into a world I never noticed before and to feel things a younger me would've scoffed at. By this I mean I now appreciate nature and energy that flows so readily through it. It has helped me to find myself and lose my mind. It has given me great patience and a sense of open mindedness. Magic has helped me in situations when I needed it most and shown me that I don't always need it. It has taught me to cast it in a light not as a crutch, but as a friend.

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Re: How has......
Post # 5
Since I've started practicing magic(k), I've gained a better understanding of the world around me, and I feel more at peace with myself now than ever before.
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