TRUE story I cannot expla

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TRUE story I cannot expla
Post # 1
So I don't know if by any miracle anyone lives in or near Allentown PA but there used to be this store called the Occult Emporium. Anyway, I went in there years ago. By the way the local legend is that the person who painted the crystal ball emblem above the front door went blind.. So, I bought this book entitled, "1001 spells". I was about 15 years old at the time. I would say I read about 1/3rd of the book casually before I left for summer camp. When I arrived there was a kid in my "unit" who had a satanic bible and a goblet he said was blessed by some shaman or other spiritual or magik man. I was a C.I.T. councelor in training, and not wanting him to scare any of the other campers, I took these items from him, telling him he was free to have them back at the end of the week.

This is where it gets interesting. I decided to lie to my friend and co-C.I.T. that I knew many magik spells and we should do one, so we did. I told him we needed a man made liquid and a spore reproducing plant. (There was a fern behind him, i just leaned how they reproduce that year in school, and for the manmade liquid we used Act with Flouride.) I don't know how many of you know about act flouride but it has a
auto dose dispenser of exactly one fluid ounce. It's main selling point was it was mouthwash for kids that contained no alchohol.

Having read quite a few spells, I made one. I made a magic circle by carving one into the wooden floor of our permanent tent. I crushed the fern leaves up in the goblet with 1 oz of Act. We both pricked our fingers and put a drop or 2 of blood in our potion. I dressed a candle, tied 3 twine strings around it, lit the candle with a wooden match, which I put out right away in the potion, in the goblet.

Our spell was to meet chicks at Beltsville, it was a lake with a beach we would go swimming at. I think I wrote Meet Hot Chicks on a piece of paper, folded it in half and put it under the candle. That part I am not positive about, the rest I am. This was 25 years ago! Anyway, after the candle burned through the twine, I picked it up and as I went to put it out in the potion, I would say I got about 4 inches from the liquid and PHEEEEWWW!!! Flames were EVERYWHERE. Somehow I had the presense of mind to put my hand a foot in front of my face, to see if I could see it. One of those images burned into my memory forever is the swirling black, yellow, orange and red flames I saw everywhere instead of my hand. No heat, and as quick as the flames erupted they were gone. My friend sat catatonic for minutes, literally unresponsive even with me slapping him on the knees. The campers all came running over to our tent, "Are you guys OK??" and "WTF?!", "Flames shot out 20 feet out of your guys'es tent WTF!!".

The final part of the story is that after the flames went away I looking into the goblet and as far as I could tell there was no missing potion, it seemed to be 100% there. And we did meet a few chicks at Beltsville.

I told about 3-4 people about this my entire life, never expecting anyone would believe me, and have since been, I guess, scared away from magic. The thing is, I have now come to believe that it exists on a large scale, I may be powerfull with it and need to educate myself ASAP. I welcome all responses and thanks in advance. It's really late and I need to sleep. I just found this site and signed up, I will work on my profile in the next couple of days. Thanks again! - Zeb
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Re: TRUE story I cannot expla
Post # 2
Whoa that's crazy must've been like some kinda dragon flame if it shot up 20 feet in the air that had to be some powerful magic
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Re: TRUE story I cannot expla
Post # 3
Sorry, looking into is supposed to be looked.

I wanted to add, I have learned to always trust my intuition, because it seems to be right always. I sometimes have dreams that come true, and that store owner said, "oh, it's you." which I am not sure if that is just a common con or what. But I went to a psychic with an old girlfriend, she was going nuts over my aura and gave me a free reading. She didn't reveal anything earth shattering other than I have a very old soul. I need some place to start, I need to learn as much as I can ASAP. I do not know much except
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Re: TRUE story I cannot expla
Post # 4
Wow that is amazing! I believe you do have great power.
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Re: TRUE story I cannot e
Post # 5
This is definately an interesting event. Hard to truly grasp too. either way this is very interesting.
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