Some help please

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Some help please
Post # 1
Hey guys I'm a new member and I like some help and information about these magic..first I need to tell you all that I'm from Suriname....oke going further..second I like to know if these magic spells are for real..and if they really work...I like to learn them..
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Re: Some help please
Post # 2
I'm no teacher, I doubt many of us are, but there are a few things I can teach you now.

First, spells are merely a method of focusing magic into producing the intended result. The ultimate source of magic is our thoughts and intentions, spells are simply a crutch that you can design yourself for whatever you need.

Second, the best way to learn about magic is to read. Not spell books, mind you, I mean simply books about the fundamentals of magic so you can begin wrapping you head around how it works and start thinking in terms of it.

Third, magic is not free or all-powerful. Every bit of magic you perform requires effort on your part, and what you can do with that magic tends to be limited. Using magic to effect the physical world is incredibly difficult and would require at least as much energy as it would to do it in mundane fashion.

Fourth, magic is of this world. The word supernatural implies that something is unnatural and doesn't correspond to the way the world is known to work. For magic, this is false. Magic is something we may not entirely understand, but it is most certainly not beyond what we can understand.

Fifth, magic must never be used out of hatred. Though people often speak of black magic, spells which do nothing but harm, these can still be used to do good. It is the intention behind spells that determines their morality. To cast any spell out of hate is to place at risk not only your target, but yourself and the people you love as well. To use magic for anything so contemptible as to destroy for the sake of destruction will result in your failure (and probable scarring) in the best of circumstances. In the worst, you will drag someone down the path you have condemned yourself to as well. There are some who have learned this final lesson the hard way. Don't.
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Re: Some help please
Post # 3
what do you do to someone who has put a bad spell on you and your family? do you not try to have it removed and how?
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