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Teen Witches
Post # 1

This post is long over do. Me and DanniBird have taken over Teen Witches , and are working hard on making it into a respectable coven. It is our dream to make it a place where younger members can come in and learn from those older, a place where people can start off on their path and grow. As such, me and Danni have decided to take out the age limit, as it is our opinion the teenagers of the coven would learn more if their were older members in there to teach them. We have already made many changes and will continue to make changes to benefit the coven.

Please, take a moment to look over the coven. Find out it is no longer the fluff ridden coven which once infested this site . There are fewer members now, and me and DanniBird watch carefully the people we let it. It is okay to not know something, but foolish when someone claims to know something they most obviously don't. As such our coven is full of people of different levels of intellect, and will continue to be so, as it grows to a respectable place of learning and teaching.

As such, if you are new to magick, or still trying to get your barrings, consider Teen Witches , regardless of your age . We have people of many different views, intelligent people, and people just starting out. Not only will you have people to learn from, but people to learn with. More often than not, when someone has a person to learn with they learn faster. So please, consider Teen Witches, and help us reconstruct the thought of it being a fluffy coven, for it is fluffy no more.

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Re: Teen Witches
Post # 2
If you wish to join us, please mail both of us the following information:

~ What color would you describe yourself as and why?

~ How has or how will your path and/or practices effect(ed) your life?

After doing so, please click "Accepting Applications", then "Apply to Join Teen Witches". Please be patient in receiving an answer as to your coven status or lack thereof.

We check our applications several times daily, and will get to you as soon as possible. However, if you do not properly apply to the coven, aka simply click the links, you will sit in our application list until you mail us the above application.
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Re: Teen Witches
Post # 3
At the current, Anti is the priest alone. I've stepped down as the priestess.
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