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No Subject
Post # 1
hi i am new and i have trouble casting spells
can you give me some simple ones i can get started
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Re: No Subject
Post # 2
It's always best to start with the basics. While it may seem fun to just cast random spells, it isn't highly recommended. Often the accuracy or even success of the spell depends on the intent, focus, and need of the spell. But again, start with the basics. There are plenty of forums on here that you can look at.
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Re: No Subject
By: / Novice
Post # 3
wrong category.

as Argona said, start with the basics. what have you learned so far? spells don't work for a few reasons. [you have a working spell] if you don't know how to charge energy, cast a circle, clear your mind, focus and visualize, the spell will probably not work. on top of that if you don't believe, and/or don't work to achieve your goal [say pass out some applications after casting a job spell] then it won't work.

you should walk before you run, study before you cast. if you have studied, start with a simple candle spell, it'll teach you energy work, focus, visualization, and colour association. take a candle of a corresponding colour [purple = clairvoyance, yellow = friendship] sit with the candle in your hand, feel and visualize the energy entering your body and pooling in the candle. when ready, place the candle on your altar and light the candle. as it burns out visualize your desired outcome. if you wish to put the candle out for whatever reason, snuff it, don't blow it out.
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Re: No Subject
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from Welcome.
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Re: No Subject
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Start by learning the basics.

The basics Tools,Meditation, Visualization, Focus, Moon Phases, Colors, Days, grounding and centering, power flow, Elements, circle casting, Charkas

This link is for the Basics
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