Consecration of tool fail

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Consecration of tool fail
Post # 1
What are the reasons the consecration of the tool failed?

I consecrated the dice for divination two times but it is still not consecrated?
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Re: Consecration of tool fail
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
By consecration i'm assuming you mean charging/empowering and object for a purpose/function, right? How would you know if it is a failed consecration or not?
The reason for it failing could be you weren't focusing on the purpose of the object well enough. Though to me it sounds like you are doubting yourself.
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Re: Consecration of tool fail
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I second the comment. What makes you think it failed?
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Re: Consecration of tool fail
Post # 4

To make something clear; to consecrate something such as an item; it to declare something for it's purpose and make sacred as such. Because of this the only way you could fail at consecrating an object or even a place is if you do not declare it's purpose and make it sacred by reserving said object or place for that purpose.

Charging and empowering an item with personal or external energy is another matter altogether, but again failing at such seems difficult logically as all you need to do to charge or empower an item is to hold it in your hand or not, but more importantly focus your energy and the intentions and desires you have and direct it at said item. The mere thought of charging or empowering an item in of itself is a transference of energy from you to said items, as many believe thought to be a powerful form of magical energy alone.

Best best advice to you is to figure out exactly what you want and be clear about it, research if need be as to not confuse yourself and then let yourself have it; manifest it into creation, and stop doubting yourself as doubt and insecurity are two prominent reasons why people have a difficult time understanding magic or its capacity let alone catalyzing and using it.

Best Wishes.

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