Dreams Psychic Possible?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Dreams Psychic Possible?

Dreams Psychic Possible?
Post # 1
Lately I have been having very lucid dreams, as well as having parts of my dreams come true the next day not all of it but parts of it, Sometimes when I wish for something it happens and I don't even know how to explain it. I can always feel when Somebody or a room or something is negative, I can also know how someone is feeling just by the expression on there faces, I do as well have deja vu, I also have dreams where I can wish something to be there and it will appear right in front of my eyes, Many dreams of flying and being a Witch too! It's almost like in my dreams I am god. I don't know what this is but i also occasionally have figures black in different shapes i see them in the corner of my eye and then they disappear. I don't know what this is or how to describe or but if ther4e is anybody who can help me with this or maybe determine whats going on it would be very helpful
Sincerely , * Ashley *
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Re: Dreams Psychic Possible?
Post # 2

Well it could mean many things.I don't know about you, but I have grew fondly to the Law of Attraction and use it all the time. Basically to sum LoA shortly, it means to attract or manifest anything you want with belief and positive thoughts. Your first insight on your dream was probably a deja vu happening, and then from there you probably continued believing that you're able to receive more of your abilities, so then you got more of what you thought you can get. If you're interested in the LoA, just look up 'The Secret.' It's a 2006 film, along with the 'The Secret 2.'..Now as for the dark figures,it varies on how they feel toyou. Depending on the type of vibe you get from them, I'dmaybe be able to classify what it is. However, most of the time they are what you call shadow people.

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Re: Dreams Psychic Possible?
Post # 3

...Shadow people actually have many purposes here. You can look them up if you can, there's way much information of them that it wouldn't fit here, however I hope I helped even at the least.

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Re: Dreams Psychic Possible?
Post # 4
Thank you very much that did help a lot! And the black figures are sometimes good feelings mostly creepy feelings to my friend told me to read about it!
I'm a little confused with the whole law of attraction thing lol and I've been trying to do tarot readings but I'm not sure if they Are accurate or not not to mention I have been reading about my natal chart and it's been very interesting! If there's anyway you could help at all or anymore please message me!
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