Dont uagreethat I amright

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Dont uagreethat I amright
Post # 1
I feel this way: I feel that no one has the right to tell another person who is casting spells are casting their spells the wrong way, or that there is only a certain way of doing spells, or that one has to be trained in doing spells or that a person has to be doing spells for years.

I feel that spells work because they were created by you (you meaning the individual). Every spell works.

There is no wrong way to do a spell. There is your way period. Create your spells the way you want to do them.

So the next time someone tells you that the way you do your spells is not right or that you have to be creating spells for a long time in order to work tell them they are wrong.

What about the first person to ever cast a spell - I bet their spell worked immediately.

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Re: Dont uagreethat I amright
By: / Novice
Post # 2
there isn't really a wrong way to cast a spell, whatever works best for you. some spells shouldn't be done by the inexperienced for safety reasons, not because of some 'you're not special enough' reason. the spells that don't work [transformation spells for instance] will never work because magick cannot go against nature. the reason why spells don't work is because the caster didn't charge enough energy, didn't focus/visualize, didn't work to achieve their goal, didn't use the correct moon phase. [if they believe in it]

also, spells don't work immediately, they take time, some times an hour, other times a month, but it still takes time to work.
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Re: Dont uagreethat I amright
Post # 3
I agree that spells take time to work. But safety has nothing to do with a person casting a spell. If that was the case then no one would ever do spells or anything else in life. Yes safety is important but again it has nothing to do with casting spells.
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Re: Dont uagreethat I amright
Post # 4
I have to agree with Neko on this. Safety has everything to do with practicing magic. Firstly there's the more obvious dangers of ordeal working whereby you may actually be placing yourself in a potentially dangerous situation, the knowledge of what you're doing, the risks and the necessary precautions are vital before such an undertaking. Another obvious danger is involved in a relatively simple feat such as herbal magics, lacking a knowledge of the plants may lead you to ingest harmful components that could easily be avoided by a little studying first.

There's then the less obvious spiritual dangers of attempting to run before you can walk. For example a summoning ritual performed improperly may leave unwanted entities hanging around yourself or the casting area, again the basic knowledge of what you're dealing with is vital to prevent such a slip.
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Re: Dont uagreethat I amright
Post # 5
to tic: I disagree. Where is it written that people have to be experienced in casting spells. Keep in mind the first person ever to cast spells was not experienced. Safety is in anything. But there are all different ways of doing spells, and you dont have to use props unless you want or believe in doing spells that way. And I highly doubt that unwanted beings are going to show up when one is doing a spell. I have a feeling they dont care one way or another who is doing what type of spell.
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Re: Dont uagreethat I amright
Post # 6
Yes and no. Firstly, When writing a spell you using things that are symbolic of the outcome or desire, and while personally one might see things differently as far as what is symbolic and.choose to you their own symbols, just slapping random words to random items and actions likely won't help overly much. Other than thathow you do a spell really is up to you.

Secondly, while you really don't need to be trained or have been practicing for a long time for a.spell to work, it's usually a good idea to.have some sort of knowledge and understanding of the spell before using it. Some spells less than others, but when is it a good idea to do something blind?

And thirdly some things are just not possible to oobtain through a spell like transformation.
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Re: Dont uagreethat I amright
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
I both agree and disagree with your statements, lover454.

Magic is unique to the individual. The experiences that one may have may differ from that of another. However, as previously stated, certain things wont work regardless of who casts the spell or the methods used to cast them. Common sense and a general knowledge of the laws of nature and magic are key to understanding how magic works.

You don't need tools to perform magic, this is true. The tools serve as a means to better focus your energy toward your intent to better bring about your intended goal. We all have our own methods of practice and that should be respected.

While the first person to cast a spell might not have been experienced, they still took the time to study and research before performing spells or ritual work in depth. Research and practice are part of the learning process, to say that they are not a large part of understanding and practicing magic is a bit flawed. You need to learn to walk before you can run, as the saying goes.

Tic, was not saying that spirits will show up and harass you. I believe what he was saying was that certain rituals or spells involving summoning spirits should not be attempted if you are inexperienced. Certain spirits/entities can be violent and attack/possess the practitioner if they are not experienced enough to protect themselves or banish the spirit/entity properly.
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