Hierarchy of Needs

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Hierarchy of Needs
Post # 1
Alright you may be wondering what Maslow?s Hierarchy of Needs has to do with practicing the occult, witchcraft, paganism, etc etc. A lot actually, I see a lot of you kids with lofty ideas, you want to pump all this positive energy into the universe and help everyone. That is a really nice idea it really is, but then I see in the next breath how your basic needs are not being taken care of, these needs right up there.

The truth is western society has told us it is not appropriate to wish for better things in our own lives, we see this as petty or unworthy, who am I to ask for a job, or money, or even to be loved, you are a human, with basic human needs, love is part of that need we all need these things to have healthy lives.

So before you start sending those positive vibes and healing vibes into the universe take a moment to make sure these things are being met;

Are you warm, do you have a place to rest, do you have food, do you have money to obtain the things that you need.

Are you in a safe place?

Are you in a loving environment, do you have healthy relationships

do you love yourself are you taking good care of yourself

You dont have to skip these things because you are better off then other people, you have the right to be selfish about your basic needs as a human being, and you have the right to ask the heavens for what you need.
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Re: Hierarchy of Needs
Post # 2
I like your post mentis its soo true
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Re: Hierarchy of Needs
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

I love this post so much! Wonderfully written Mentis. :D

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