Psychic abilities thought

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Psychic abilities thought

Psychic abilities thought
Post # 1
Psychic abilities vary from person to person. Some are strong at one thing and weak at another while others are strong where the first were weak. This is common with anything in life. But I have come to the conclusion that not many people realize certain things about certain abilities. This little forum comes from my experiences and thoughts. And I would love feed back.

Clairvoyant: literally clear seer. Now so many have said that this only applies to seeing visions. But I must disagree, it is seeing anything beyond normal perception. Having said this, there are several other things than just visions that fall into this category. Auras, spirits, angels, visions, and energy itself (along with other things I cannot think of at the moment) can be classified as clairvoyant. But because there are other names for some of those things many dismiss the fact that they are indeed still clairvoyant gifts. With spirits for example, many call it mediumship but that can fall into the umbrella term clairvoyant.

Clairaudient: hearing beyond normal perception. This is most often referred to with spirits, being able to hear them. But it could also be hearing your other things, like warnings. I have heard some say they do not get visions but they hear things that warn them of something.

Clairsentience: clear feeling. Some say that this is also just with spirits. But it is also from when you pick up or touch an object and you are able to get a message or feeling from it.

Empath: being able to pick up on others feelings. I personally know who traumatic this can be. But many say it is just the emotion that the person feels. This is not always so. Emotions arise from thoughts; if you think you are happy you are happy. An empath picks up on the emotion because emotions are energy. Therefore when they pick up on these emotions, some pick up on the thoughts as well. Thoughts are also energy and the energy of the emotion is connected to the energy of the thought, so some empathy can pick up on both. That does not, however, mean they can read minds.

I know there are many other abilities but these are the most commonly talked about ones. Again, I love feedback.
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Re: Psychic abilities thought
Post # 2
I too, am a psychic at an early stage. I practice Psychic Vampirism... And a little Electric Vampirism... In other words, I get energy from humans and electricity..

Yet, I only has clairaudient.. do you know how to develop the other abilities? Or are they inborn?

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Re: Psychic abilities thought
Post # 3
You can develop them with extensive work. I do believe there are forums about it.
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