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Love Spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

I am looking to find a powerful love spell. A friend of mine is looking to get back together with her ex, but he no longer has feelings for her. So she wants me to assist her in getting him back and I agreed, since I know how much it hurts her. I, however, have never needed to use love spells, so know only so much on the subject. She is fully aware of how it effects free will and is willing to accept that, in order to get him back. So I am asking all of you what would be the best spells to use for her situation, since she doesn't have an account.

She is looking a spell to get her ex to have feelings for her again, and for him to return to her. Can any of you recommend a good spell? She will most likely want a spell that is strong, fast to work and long lasting.

Thank you.
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Re: Love Spells
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
If your friend wants their ex back then tell your friend to not use magick. Talking and letting nature take it's course does wonders. Using magick to Force someone to go Against their Free Will is so very wrong and will either back fire or end very very badly. Try using other means.
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Re: Love Spells
Post # 3
Well, casting love spells is very dangerous and consequential. My friend told me about this guy he used to know, so, here's the story. His friend hated this one girl who turned out to be a wiccan witch, he would talk crap on her saying she was totally ugly and he would rather die than go out with her. Next day, the girl made him drink what he thought was just punch but she enchanted the drink with some of her menstrual blood (gross, i know). The day after, he ws totally crazy about her and about a week later they ditched school and ran away, but soon the spell of erotic attraction and love wore off. The boy tried to murder the girl, and almost did. The spell did a total reverse and the girl almost died, unless you want your friend to end up like her, I'd back down from messing with nature's course.
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Re: Love Spells
Post # 4
I want every body to love me, what can I do
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Re: Love Spells
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Learn to live with disappointment Tol. Sorry. :)
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Re: Love Spells
Post # 6
iceegirl98, with that situation, it would most likely be because the man hated the girl in the first place. WillowErised's friend might not be in that same situation, they could just not be speaking to eachother or even still friends. I highly doubt in that kind of situation, that if it backfired it'd be that extreme. However, in a situation where you hate the person, I can see your point, hell, I'd probably want to kill them, too, but that doesn't mean that same outcome will happen for every situation, since every situation is unique. Some may not backfire that badly and some don't backfire at all. It all depends on the situation and what type of spell is used for it.
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