dream interpretation help

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dream interpretation help
Post # 1
Hey i wonder can you interpret my dream... message me when you knoe hat it means. Thanks!

I went to sleep and dreamt that i have woken but still lying down on my bed, my room was glowing red (likes those photo dark room making red light) but the catch was it was glowing out of my window(which is sealed up by a wall due to my brother new room and this female(more on the heavy side,in her pjs, dirty blonde,light skin, never met her, looks like a regular human) was staring at my window which is next to my bed and she looked like she was hypnotize or being controlled. I couldn't look back and i went back to sleep thinking she will go away since she walked towards the window and touch something. I slept in my dream and awoken with a black fat with green/grey mix eye into one color, scratching my wooden item that i used to wear on my neck(oval shape but sharp at the edge with a ying yang painted along with white background and i cast a protection or some sort of spell with black on the bottom and white light on the top like a ying yang when i cast it last night) i got out of bed and try take get it back saying "Hey give it back." But it walked away into the hallway holding it, sitting and staring at me.(It sat at the intersection of the end hallway here the kitchen,my brother door,near living room, basically in the middle of the house in whole. i grabbed it back and saw it scratched up, i went to bed and put it back under my pillow leaving the cat behind and door open, then went back to sleep. I also cast a protection charm on my necklace i wear now with gray, white,and black light surrounding my charm(second charm i cast last night) and head straight to bed.
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Re: dream interpretation help
Post # 2
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Re: dream interpretation help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: dream interpretation help
Post # 4
i can't interpret the dream in full of it's meaning, But i have picked out some stuff and maybe this will help or make sense to where you can take it from here. Red light appears as a warning to stop something, you will have to make the correct individual association. Window- usually portrays the quality or quantity of personal perception. Female may represent intellect with compassion. Charm- may exemplify a lack of faith or possibly indicate a superstiscious personality. The Oval shape usually represents something which is a bit off kilter but may also indicate contentedness. The symbols related dream elements will determine which meaning was intended
Blessed Be
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