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Working groups
Post # 1
Hello, recently I have been looking for a working group that is not G.D. That uses these qualities. High magick, self-enlightenment. Also preferably Kemetic. Thank you.
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Re: Working groups
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Covens from Comments.
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Re: Working groups
Post # 3
Per-Ankh is one, as well as the Ausar-Auset Society. I've poked around in their stuff, and find it pretty informational. However I am only a member of the Kemetic Orthodoxy. There are other smaller groups like the Temple of Ra that seem fairly well versed.
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Re: Working groups
Post # 4
I would like to note, that while you can join the forums of organizations such as the KO, you may not get full access to the forums, as well as group practices, and other things. I do not know if Per-ankh and the Ausar-Auset Society act the same as the KO, however, if they do, you will need to go through a class to obtain not only information on the group practices and meetings, but also to be allowed to view and participate in them.

Within the KO can take up to 4 months for you to be accepted into a Beginner's program, and will take 4 months for you to complete it. After that, if you have participated through the whole course and completed the quizzes and the interviews, you can request to join as a Remetj. Remetj are those who are members of the organization and are "royal subjects", but they are not converted to the faith. After a time spanning a 2-3 months after you become a Remetj, you can request to undergo the RPD, or Rite of Parent Divination. This will essentially determine who your ba's spiritual parent(s) are. If you come to accept the RPD, you can become a Shemsu on request after all the other requirements have been filled and after a talk with Tamara L. Suida (Hemet Hekatawy I), the leader of the KO.

It's a long, lengthy process, but it gives you a lot of time to decide what you want to do, and a lot of time to learn things you never knew about. Just by becoming a member in the Beginner's Class, you are opened to forums where you can ask Tamara direct questions, and gain answers, as well as see past questions.

It is an interesting and odd set up, but it is one few will be uncomfortable in, if they have the patience.
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