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Post # 1
I know Im still new here. I dont know what my path is called. In fact I dont even know if I believe that what I do is what a lot people on here would call "magick" @fluffs. But what I do know is I get results and I get everything I want in life with little effort. At first there was an effort. I mean ofcourse there was effort at first but once I trained my mind and reprogrammed my subconscious its natural. Ive never cast a spell and really, I never will. I dont need to. Ever since I found the process of manifestation Ive been able to change any detail of my life. My only boundaries are the ones I set myself. Even those close to me. After I show them a few videos and teach them a few things like I was taught they have been able to do the same. Im happy nearly %99 of the time. Its the truth, and if you dont believe for you. But that brings me to another topic. A lot of people on here are such downers, and frankly...I makes me doubt you do any real magick...I mean Im sure I might get a couple comments on here saying "I just hate when people are stoopid" I didnt spell that wrong by accident, Because 9 time out of 10 the people who call someone stupid are stupid themselves or even hate because they are hated themselves. But If you do real magick I would think you would be happy, You know being able to control your own destiny and all (just saying). So thats why Im starting to feel a little alone on here. Can someone just please tell me Im not alone? That other people on here are about the pursuit of happiness and not some false sense of power. If your like me in this way of thinking please message me, because Im looking for some like minded friends. If your not and it sounds like something your interested in also message me. Im really no teacher but I can guide and have experience as a leader. If you dont agree with what I have to say, go ahead and comment why if you just simply believe in something else I can understand that though. Im not trying to stomp on anyones beliefs on hear like a lot do. (You know who you are)
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Re: Alone
Post # 2
Well I don't think your alone by any means except that you seem to hold yourself somewhere different. I must say that you accuse some on here of being such downers and your right there are quite a few. However, you seem to have a negative vibe in your words. This I can feel and I think this may be because your on an unbalanced high. I dedicate much of my life to helping those that can't see what's inside of their own feelings and that is in part because the focus is usually looking out rather than in. I'm not sure about your gift, but I would love to learn about it. I would not use it however because my fear for you is that you don't see that in nature things must have a balance. If all you have is nothing but the riches chances are you fall at some point will be great. I of course do not wish this for you. But you seem to have a ha ha in your face sort of attitude which makes me feel like you have felt great pain. I would be happy to be friends with you and discuss this, just be careful because sometimes richness can be lonely
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Re: Alone
Post # 3
I absolutely agree with a lot of the thing you just said there my words may have a negative vibe to them because I feel negative about all the hateful things I see on here and really it irks to see to see people talk down to innocent ignorance because Ive been there and thats only part of the pain Ive been through. And yeah maybe its not the right thing to talk down to the people that are talking down on everyone else but Ive always been the type to stand up for what I believe. And about the balance thing I agree with that too because since Ive been so happy all the time bad feelings hit me a lot harder then before when I was used to it but now I can get over it even though it may take a little time its just a little time and if you read my profile you would know I just got out of some really hard times and since there has to be balance Im due for abundance and happiness. Honestly I started working on happiness before I thought of getting a dime from this gift, we ALL have not just mine, because I had no choice because of my Ptsd. So like I said I %100 agree with you and thanks for taking notice of it because Im proud of it all.
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Re: Alone
Post # 4
and when your sleeping in the woods you have nothing but time. I spent that time in self reflection and it hurt when I realized all my faults but thats all I seen until this "gift" helped me change my paradigm and focus on my strengths
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