Psi Vamps Side Effects?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Psi Vamps Side Effects?

Psi Vamps Side Effects?
Post # 1
Last night while working (Im a factory worker btw) I felt tired.
Then I remembered that I forgot to do my Grounding and Centering.

That day also, I practiced making psi balls.
And I got no sleep!

My shift this week is 10pm to 6am.

I wen't to work like a zombie.

While working, an idea popped.

'I should try feeding off energy out of my partner!'

Then I did.

I did the steps in grounding and centering though, I used my partner as my battery and sucked energy from him.

Then I remembered a reply in my post before that psi vamps could also feed on electronics.
So I did..

After a few minutes, I felt a sense of addiction to it.
I can't stop myself.

After about an hour of continuous energy sucking, I felt an urge of throwing up. (I still do now)

And my heart hurts so much that it feels like it wants to go out. (somehow I feel a bit better now 'cause I grounded some of it at home)

After 10 minutes or so, an urge to take energy again comes up. Then the same reaction comes. Throwing up and heart ache or attack.

Yet, I've never felt so energetic as this! I still don't want to sleep nor feel tired.

Is this normal, or just me?

Thanks for helping.
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Re: Psi Vamps Side Effects?
Post # 2

Any form of vampirism as a topic is just generally looked down upon here becuase you typically wouldn't be taken seriously.

You can tap into absolutely any energy. Grounding and centering should also help you regulate the energy so you aren't in need or excess.

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Re: Psi Vamps Side Effects?
Post # 3
Tapping into energy is very possible. Though with all things moderation. Plus when pulling from other people you should be very careful because you don't know what you are pulling in unless you practice your empathic abilities. Now, on to your original question. I believe it could be real and have had several instances of the same with my friend who I did it to once on accident after we had meditated together for a while. I tested it out and she would complian of feeling tired. So, yes it could be you, but be careful when you speak of any type of vampire on this site. Hope I helped.
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Re: Psi Vamps Side Effects?
Post # 4
im n0t interested in vampires and i kn0w they're n0t real. :)

so you think i had excess energy?

probably.. cuz i'm still n0t sleepy.
but i'm a very sleepy pers0n!! honest.!

then i guess i should use this. thanks. :)
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