Astral Worldse

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Astral Worldse
Post # 1

Hello everyone, I would like to start by thanking anyone who looks at this thread and i hope this helps with your adventures

. By now you have read the title and been wondering what I mean when I say astral worlds. Well the thing about astral projection is that it seems to have different effects depending on the person. When I tryed astral projecting all I saw was a weird space. I saw stars, bits of rock, but what I didnt see were planets. Now for whatever reason I decided I was going to try and make one. I focused on what i wanted the outside to look like and how it would move in the space. When you are in the astral plane you are in controll. Most of the time. I created this planet and I could see it in the space. If you enter the astral plane and have the same effect as I do then don't think you failed. Acually you have succeded more than you think. After creating the outer look to my planet I stood up from my bed. I motioned zooming into the planet like google earth. as i got closer I imagined what I wanted the surface to look like. I landed softly on the surface and looked around. Even though I was standing on carpet I could feel the grass that I was "standing" in. The planet seemed a little empty. If you create your planet and you want it to be empty just leave this thread and add more details to your planet. If you want creatures on your planet pay attention. Creatures on your planet can be very complicated. it can look like anything you want it too but the tricky part is it's mind. You have the option to give your creature its own mind and personality. If you choose to do this your creature will come alive and do its own thing. You will not have control over it but you will have a more realistic world. The last thing yi

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Re: Astral Worldse
Post # 2

The last thing I want to talk about is time. Time works weird in your world but you controll it. So it is your choice. I hoped this helped to make your experince better or just more interesting.

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