Choosing a Deity

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Choosing a Deity
Post # 1
Hello, I am fairly new to all this. I do have a group I will be attending, it is a group of pagans and they have meet ups every week. I haven't had much luck in finding a deity that suits me. I do not want to go there being completely clueless. The only deities I have really heard about are the egyption ones and that is because I spent several hours with a very nice man in his shop talking about them (since that is his path). I am not sure how to choose, maybe someone can help me narrow it down. I will list a few things about me.
-winter is my favorite month
-I prefer the night time, and the moon.
-I have a huge passion for animals and nature.
-My heritage is Irish/scotish/German/Italian.
I know only of the egyption deities the man told me of, but if there are some that fit me, I would be more then willing to look into every one of them. They don't have to be from my heritage but I thought I may have a deeper connection with them. I am open to listening and learning about any God/Godess I can. I have 0 problems even exploring ones that I may not think would suit me.
Right now, I am all about learning and exploring! Thank you so much to anyone who can help or at least attempt to help xD
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Re: Choosing a Deity
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Look around the Norse, Celtics and Greeks to start off, then if nothing rings for you, try the Incans, etc.
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Re: Choosing a Deity
Post # 3
I have heard that sometimes they can choose you. With little signs or in your face type of things. Which leads me to this, for YEARS I have looked at the time and at least 75% of the time it had the number 11 in it. I always that it was slighty odd, to anyones knowledge, are there any Gods or Goddess's that are associated with the number? It wasn't until I started looking into wicca/pagan that I thought maybe it had some signifigance, that is orignally what led me to paganism because I had been searching. The only thing I could find on the subject was that the number 11 was associated with Sea Gods, such as Neptune and Poseidon. Almost every day at 11:11 am and pm I catch it, just looking subconciously I guess, even when I wake up sometimes its exactly at 11:11. And through the hole day I will see the number 11 everywhere. To me it seems more like a sign then just a mere coincidence since it started during a bad time in my life and led me to paganism.
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Re: Choosing a Deity
Post # 4
I worship Bastet the Cat Goddess and The Changing Woman
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Re: Choosing a Deity
Post # 5
I may be new to this website, but I certainly am not new to the path.
I am somewhat amazed by this lucky dip process of 'choosing' a Goddess or God.
One doesn't choose ones dieties.
My advice, behave like the Old Ones.. Get outside, commune with nature. Walk in the woods, find and sit by a river. Climb a hill. The God's are in those places and if you are receptive, they will come to you. I understand that many of you live in the USA, and being a relatively 'new' country lacks a history of God forms. (unless you include native Americans of course) But that doesn't mean there are none out there! I would not consider calling upon a Goddess from a foreign land ! They are intrinsic to the landscape that created them, Hecate would be out of place in a desert. Cerridwen would not entertain the thought of being far from her birthplace in Wales.
I now live on the Isle of Man, which some of you may recognise as the place Gerald Gardner lived and helped to run the famous 'Museum of Witchcraft' Here there is a lot of folk history and our native God is Mannanan MacLir. I have met his energy on several occasions and he is not to be messed around with. He has many forms as he was a shapeshifter, though commonly he is seen as a Heron. He is found in the quiet places, up on the hillsides, in the old woods and more often on the sea shore when the sea fog rolls in. I would insult him deeply if I were using the diety names from another continent.
These Gods and Goddesses were formed in the lands and are bound to them. The people discovered them and revered them for they were like kin, and their names were spoken daily. They are ingrained and permanently fixed in the unconscious race memory that still persists, although nowadays we are so blitzed with 'modern life' that we cannot recognise our own heritage !
So get out and about, find a place that resonates and find the spirits that linger there. This is the true path to Magic.
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Re: Choosing a Deity
Post # 6
I remember, I wasn't sure too, I chose to worship 3 as the personifications of the triple goddess. Aradia the maiden daughter of, Diana the mother and, the crone, Giai mother of all. :) Aradia is an Italian goddess, and I have always loved Italy, but the best advice is to research and meditate until you feel you have made a decision that you will be comfortable with for the rest of your life. :) hope this helps! BB
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Re: Choosing a Deity
Post # 7
Do some research. Find out what Goddesses or Gods you are drawn to. Your birth country has nothing to do with it. You may have had a past life in ancient Egypt and that is why they are the only ones you remember! Do what feels right and what pleases you. You are free to appreciate whichever aspect of the deity you like.

As they say - one diamond, many facets !

Brightest blessings
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Re: Choosing a Deity
Post # 8
I know for a fact that Gods and Goddesses choose us. Having been through a lot of horrible things this year, The Goddess Macha came to me in a dream and blessed me with her strength and comfort. That is when I truly converted over to Peganism. The Morrigan may be an Irish Goddess but her and her 3 aspects have accompanied me all the way over here in the United States.
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