Need help finding spell

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Need help finding spell
Post # 1
I came across this awsome site trying to find help to help my daughter, if this makes sense...
We live 3,000 miles apart and she moved away after our family went through very traumatic times, of which her father's suicide was the most tragic. She was only 16 at the time. She is now in her 20s and married to a man she only knew for a very short time and who has his own et of tragedies.
After she moved away, her life path went down, down, down and is still falling... She chose the actions she despised the most and knows lead to her father's death. Substance abuse is one of the problems but what tears me apart is the fact that from being in her last year of college she is now a stripper, working in shadier and shadier places. I undertand free will and that she is an adult with the right to make her own choices but when a person changes so drastically, I cannot think but that there is more involved! Everything I tried so far didn't work. Countless prayers, begging, helping her financially, not helping her, speaking or not speaking with her. In my very heart, I believe her father's soul is not at peace and haunts her.I even did rituals at his grave site, begging him to go where he chose, but I could feel his retless soul wants to destroy her, or get her soul where his is (I probably make no sense...). The daughter I raised would have never done what she does and have such lack of self respect and urge to self distruct.
I tried to find a spell to help my child SEE again and remove the evil which I believe is around her as a result of her dad's suicide when she was at such a fragile age.
Most of the spells I found, are about self but I could not find a spell to address a mother desperately tying to save her daughter from such a situation. If anyone could give me some direction, I'd be very grateful. Thank you.
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Re: Need help finding spell
Post # 2
write in google 'casting a spell for someone else'
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Re: Need help finding spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Now that you mention it, there AREN'T a lot of spells designed to help another person... You might need to write your own spell or commision someone in here to write one for you. (I'd write one, but I am EXTREMELY busy.)
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Re: Need help finding spell
Post # 4
Well when casting a spell on another person when you want to help them it is best to ask first. This way if they yes they are more open to the energy and change you send their way. If they say no it becomes slightly more difficult, but not much so. Don't forget you can add to the potency of whatever spell you choose through a variety of herbs, spells, stones, and lunar phases. Also natural energies surrounding you can help. Hope this helped.
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