About covens.

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About covens.
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I would like to give some new members some pointers oncovens here.

What is a coven?

A coven is a group of people who join together for a common interest in learning, teaching, being a family, more. A lot of covens goals are to be a family and help their members in anyway possible. On the site covens have there own personal forums which coven members can look at always, but the public can view them if the priestess and/or priest decides to let them. Usually coven business is kept in the coven too. Covens also have their own chat. You can use /coven or just click the coven tab that is next to the word public in chat to speak with them asap or until they apply. Rules in the coven chat and forums depend on the coven's priest and/or priestess. Moderator's powers don't affect coven chat unless the priest and/or priestess saids other hys when dealing with a member. Spell Casters has two wonderful moderators to help the coven too. So I guess that covendiffers.

Finding a coven:

Choose a coven that you feel comfortable in. Read their description and see what topics you are learning that you are teaching. If you have questions about the coven then mail the priest, priestess, or council for help.

How do I join a coven?

To join a coven read their description and click the tab "Accepting Applications" to join. Most covens have you send an application by mail the priestand/or priestess depending on the coven. I have realized that some members just click the apply button and think they will get in. For most covens, that is not the case. If they have an application on their description then fill it out. Plus the apply button doesn't to it automatically since it doesn't know anything about you. The best way to send an application is to copy and paste the application from a coven's description to mail, answer them, and wait for answer from the leaders of the coven. Also have patience when wanting to join a coven. It is not automatic and the leaders have other things to do too, but they will get to you and will either reject or accept you. If your waiting for over month then you probably wasn't accepted and should look else where. Spell Caster's accepts members automatically, but is filled with fluffies making fake spells.

Coven Membership:

Members in covens can post in the forums basically and can help other members out in chat too.

Council can lock and stick threads in the foums. Plus they can add spells and article to the coven spellbook. They can also accept videos into the coven library, but according to the page when suggesting a video, if a video is accepted that is not magick related will result in banishment of the site. So, be aware of that. Spell Casters automatically puts you as council to add spells freely. Council members are usually decided by the leaders and have requirments on becoming one. Some covens, like mine, vote on council members. Begging for a position is the least way of getting it. Show your knowledge to the coven and prove yourself. Some covens also have probations to becoming council. Probations are a certain numbers or days or weeks to see if your a worthy to becoming one. So, if you are asked to become one and get a probation then work hard to earn it.

Priest/Priestess: The leaders of a coven have the most abilities in a coven. They can do stuff that members and council can't do. They can edit on the coven spellbook, accept or reject members, and more! They have all abilities that council can do too. They can also promote members to council too.

One more thing...

Inactive Covens:

Here there are two inactive covens you can choose to apply to take over. Decision are made by the website admin, Petrarca, for leadership of a inactive covens. Don't bug him about it and just wait. Plus prove that you can lead a coven too in the forums. You must be a member for three months to apply to lead one. If your already in a coven then you can't apply to take over one. Plus a priest and/or priestess canadd new leaders in their places if they can't lead anymore for any reason.

I hope this helps new members to the site and to the craft. Be safe and have fun in your coven. =)

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