How to see auras

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How to see auras
Post # 1

Iv been able to see auras for many years now, and it increses your ability to see spirits and sense spirits because auras have a energy field and so do spirits and ghosts.

So here we go on how to see auras.

  • Make sure your not in completely darkness so dim the lights.
  • get into a comferable position
  • put your hands out infront of you
  • now look at the palm of your hands
  • if your good enough you should see some energy out of the corner of your eye.

you may see the colour white at first but then once you get more advanced you will start to se diffrent colours.

Then you can go onto doing aura readings and reading other peoples auras.

Also your aura changes on the type of mood your in.

an aura can tell you if a person is lying to you, so its a good ability to have so you always find out in the end who is lying and who is telling the truth, here is the link to the colour meanings.

everyone and everything has an aura. these aura colours we see tell us about ourself.

maybe when your more experienced you can give auric readings, you can learn to sence auras as well.

aura sencing :

If you need any help feel free to mail me.


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Re: How to see auras
Post # 2
Interesting to see how everyone learns different techniques in seeing auras when i was a small girl my mother started us off using a strawberry than other various types of fruit, Once we got through that We were than brought outside and worked with trees, plants, flowers etc. i am now 38 and its a natural thing and you are correct when you said you can tell lies and honesty Once i learned the colors to associate it has never failed me :) Thank you for sharing.
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Re: How to see auras
Post # 3

Well thankyou for shareing your tecnique.

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Re: How to see auras
Post # 4
Just a little question: sometimes when I stare at a person I see the color yellow shaped like that person. I tried staring at my and letting my eyes go back a little and I have noticed the same thing. Am I beginnning to see auras?
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Re: How to see auras
Post # 5

Yes, you are seeked keep up the good work.

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