Friends and Soulmates

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Friends and Soulmates
Post # 1
Hello people of SoM i am here ...again to talk about Friendships and Soulmates and what is magical about them.

Lets start with Soulmates. A soulmate is a person whose soul is perfectly matched to your own , not by being absolutely the same as you in personality and emotion but by being Different , yet perfectly bondable with yourself. A soulmate can be on the other side of the world , but ultimately you will always meet them , atleast once , you may not marry , you may just see each other and be how small the world can be. A soulmate is instantly recognizable , when you look into their eyes you will just know... that they are the one. They will inspire , love or help you in some way in your life...beyond reckoning you just dont know it yet.

Friends...most of us have them , but what makes a true friend?
Do they have to be family? Do they need to help you in times of need? A true friend is someone that you share a spirit bond with the easiest example of such a case would be you being separated for lets say 10 years , you have completely changed and so has he , but amazingly you pass him on the street , you will feel him and in a moments notice ...with just a glimpse of their eyes you will know that it is them. A true friend isnt always there for you , they are there only when you need it most. Feeling sad or run-down are not the time when you need it most , the time you need them most , is right now... at this moment , sharing with them the little things and sharing your life with them as they do with you.

So...whats truly magical about friends?
Any person that you are drawn to and make a bond through time spent and moments shared makes a spirit bond with you , so even when you are not there they will always be with you and you will be with them. Friends and soulmates can empower your will Possessions , demonic encounters or just feeling sad can all be cured... with a friend by your side.

CHEERS , leave a comment and be well , dont forget your friends people!
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Re: Friends and Soulmates
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
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