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Be Easy aka BEZ
Post # 1
Ok a little about me

Im 22 years old. Live in the sunshine state, Florida, in a small town on the beach. I moved down here after doing 3 years in the US Army as Paratrooper Airborne!!! Like a lot of people in this bad economy I found myself in a rut after getting out the military. I was in and out of hospitals and psychiatric facilities for my PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and its always put in capitals look it up dont gag me) It even drove me to suicide a few times and woke up in hospitals realizing I didnt succeed. I started doing some crazy drugs and one day I had a crazy trip and my friends tell me it looked like I was killing over. I dont remember anything but a dream. Long story short in that dream I was granted a wish. That wish was and I quote "to make anything I want manifest into reality" When I came to I crying for joy. Thats how real this dream felt. It felt horrible when I realized what happened to me in the physical. But that dream stuck with me and it felt so real I believed in it. After 3 days of crying and believing (real men cry :) ) in this dream I came across the documentary "The Secret". A documentary about the law of attraction and "manifestation" (a highly recomended watch). But I wasnt looking for an answer it found me. And after that I took off digging deeper and deeper attracting as much wisdom as I can. Before when I had my struggles I was homeless, broke, with destructive addictions. Now I own my house, I make more money the average worker and I dont work (Physically), I drive a Suburban, no more addictions (beside being happy) clean 5 months(tabaco too), and my PTSD? 100x better. This happened in 6 months Ive never been this happy. Its my new norm. My life is magical. I came to this site hoping to find other who have the same understanding of the process of manifestation. That way we better each others lives. Not with material things although Im willing to share my energy to help you if you want. But maybe we can share methods and help each other through mental blocks or anything else.

Anyway that some up my experience in magick.
Although when I was younger I went through the whole trying to sell my soul to the devil phase. Researching demons, Angles, Gods, Deities and other points of views on Life. I stop being religious while I was in Afghanistan and began to seek the truth. I havent completely figured it but I know Im headed in theright direction.

message me! Im a nice guy although in real life my nickname is Rude but its like the big guy nicknamed tiny :)
I look forward to my time here on SoM
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Re: Be Easy aka BEZ
Post # 2
love your story ^_^ kinda wish something like that would happen to me. Most similar thing to what you dreamt about is i woke up this morning and felt happy after an incident ( kinda attempted murder) and getting over a guy ive have a huge thing for ages ( emotional attachments cause ive been depressed) and yer i feel better today, like ill stop crying for a while :) i wont let what the guy did to me make me cry everyday, no more tears. Im going to be free lol ;)...
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Re: Be Easy aka BEZ
Post # 3
The first thing I focused on was being happy for all good things in my life and everything I have achieved in life. At first this seemed impossible because all I could see was failure. But after chanting my affirmations, visualizing, and being greatful my life took a complete u-turn
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Re: Be Easy aka BEZ
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Wow. That was quite an epic story. I've had my own struggles with PTSD and drugs and I'm glad to hear that you were able to get your life back on track. :)
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