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By: / Beginner
Post # 1

I would like to ask if anyone here has a spell to attract a new group of friends.
Now asking this, I know that the first thing most people would say is to be communicative and social instead of casting a spell - but I don't have problems with that.
I simply meet the "wrong" people. I get along with them but they usually live far away or at least out of town, so we can't hang out, or they have many extra activities that they barely find time to spend with their family and old friends, let alone try to build a new relationship.

I have a few "friends" that live close to me but they're negative, mean spirited and rather rude so I can't really be with them. Especially after a few bad experiences with them.

So that's why I would like to cast a spell to attract a new group of friends that I could spend time with, get along with.. People that are real friends.

Is there such a spell, do you know one?

Thank you in advance. :)

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Re: Friends
Post # 2
It sounds like you truly believe that you always meet the wrong people. And when you believe in something very strong it tends to keep on happening. Maybe try changing your mindset and start being thankful for all of the great people in your life and more of them will appear.
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Re: Friends
Post # 3
By thinking positively about the people you meet might help, If you. If you think you're going to meet the wrong people, then that is all you're gunna get I'm afraid. Oh and sometimes it might be good to choose your friends, I know that not everyone has the chance to meet someone everyday but if the people you meet goes against who you are, then I'd suggest to not bother hanging out with them :)
You can try having a good thought of the kind of friend you desire and they might just appear in your life out of nowhere just like most friends usually do.

As for the magical part, you could try wearing herbs or a pendant that would attract people, so yyou can have more opportunities to build up friendly relationships :) the right ones this time ^^

The herbs and pendant idea is just a suggestion, I don't know very much about it so I cannot really help but you can always try asking around or perhaps visiting an occult supplier. Well.

I wish you good luck, my friend ;)
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