Question about love spell

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Question about love spell
Post # 1
Okay, so yes i am casting love spells, i know there is a great controversy about them. And i know you will probably not agree with my casting of them.
But my question is:
Is it okay to cast multiple love spells at once? Will that make it stronger? Or will that hinder it?
Also if you do a spell often (one that does not have an incubation period) will that make it stronger?
Thank you for your help! :D
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Re: Question about love spell
Post # 2
Ok, this is the most common beginner (after basic) spell. There is no real controversy as I see nothing wrong with them, only wiccans and a few others. The wiccans have a problem against it due to the rede. If you cast multiple spells at once it would probably confuse the energies.
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Re: Question about love spell
Post # 3
i don't believe there is a problem with lovespells, if you don't agree with then simply don't do them. There is nothing wrong with repeating any spell over and over. If you are trying to gain the affections of more than one person then i have only ever seen one spell where to do this was ok, otherwise i would stick to one at a time. Or you could cast a lust spell on yourself to make you a magnet to the oppoite or same sex, whatever your preference.
Good luck.
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Re: Question about love spell
Post # 4
Alright well first of all let's start with your controversy bit. There is not really except for the how you cast them. It is generally agreed you shouldn't cast on a particular person. Though, it is perfectly acceptable to cast one to attract love in general. Now for casting as many spells as you can in a set amount of time. Don't do it. It scatters your energy and gives possibility to conflicting signals. Say you were to cast it with slight moderation that you thought of in between castings. This would be detrimental to your goals. Even if you're not adjusting the spell you've already cast just give it some time. In my opinion a month or two. Now you spoke of spell without incubation time. Most spells take time to come to fruition and aren't 'insta-spells.' So no just find a good spell and use it then wait. It won't be any stronger with repetitive casting.
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