Working with Sigils

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Working with Sigils
Post # 1
I previously posted this in my coven forums and I wanted to share this with everybody on this site. If you don't have a scrying mirror or a crystal ball you still can work with sigils to communicate with spirits or whatever entity you desire. Here is the method I use and is really easy to accomplish results with.

If your going to work with sigils without scrying you should draw the sigil on some parchment paper in thick black ink. When working with sigils alone your going to start off meditating on them in a relaxing atmosphere. Candles and decent incense should be a given when working this type of magic because you still are essentially evoking an entity when your doing this. When you meditate on them you should glance at the sigil without straining yourself or your eyes.Let yourself fall into a trance while glancing at this sigil. While your doing this you need to have your intent on your mind. Also while your relaxed and your focused on the sigil your going to start to see the sigil fade in and out of focus until it disappears from your vision completely. When this starts to happen your going to notice significant changes happening to the sigil. The sigil is going to start to change colors and look 3 dimensional while your doing this form of divination. At this point if you have made it thus far, you should have an answer to your question. It will appear to you either in your third eye or you'll hear the answer telepathically. You can also charge your sigil with this method if you intend on carrying it on you for a specific purpose. Either way when you experience this you will know that it worked because you will surely feel a presence and have a flow of communication between you and the entity. Well I wish you luck and have fun.
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Re: Working with Sigils
Post # 2

That is a great post, I personally find working with sigils to be one of the most effective disciplines of magick, as it yields results for practitioners at any level. Do you keep or destroy your sigil after you have worked with it?

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Re: Working with Sigils
Post # 3
Actually I don't destroy the sigil when I am done. I actually keep all my sigils in a journal for later use if I need to use them. I treat the sigils like a living thing. They deserve to be treated with the utmost respect because they are a physical representation of the spirits I wish to communicate with.
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Re: Working with Sigils
Post # 4

That is an interesting way to look at it. I have always burnt my sigils once I have done my ritual, but in circumstances such as working with entities it does make sense to keep them....

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