Strongest Marriage Spell

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Strongest Marriage Spell
Post # 1
I was a psychic in 2 past lives and a High priestess in another incarnation, in one of my Psychic lives I was burnt at the stake due to my abilities thats why its take me 48 years to embrace my ability, my paradigm shift was the death of my soulmate Jackson Bean my 9.5 year old cocker he was also my husband in the 1800's it took my world out from under me. 9/14/12 I had to put him down unexpected tumor diagnosised the day before. He has since reincarnated and will be back with me 3/8/13. Anyway I am in a relaytionship for 19 mths with a man 53 and I want marriage with him i want to be engaged on 2/14/13 and palnn a Jan-Feb 14 wedding! I need the strongest fastest spell out there. please help me I am newer (in this lifetime) to casting spells, I's also like to stay on the White side of magic. Thanks.
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Re: Strongest Marriage Spell
Post # 2

Just so I have all the facts here:

  • In a past life, during the 1800's you were married to a man who is your " soul mate ".
  • The same man was " reincarnated " as your 9.5 year-old Cocker Spaniel, who has past on several months ago.
  • During this time, while your " soul mate " was still alive, you were dating a new man.
  • You want to immediately prompt this new man to propose to you a few weeks before your " soul mate " returns to your life.

I'm not one to judge, and I'm sure you've already worked out this arrangement prior to your dog's death - but it just seems like an odd arrangement.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, I was under the impression that you don't reincarnate down. When you die, your soul/spirit inhabits the body of the being best likely to nurture and help grow the person to achieve the goals they have set for that cycle.

It'd just seem like this " soul mate " would have had a better time lingering around as a spirit to chat with you until you two could start a new life together when you decided to kick-the-bucket.

Regardless, you would find it quicker to just tell the new guy you want him to pop the question or move on to someone else, as you're ready for the relationship to move on to the next stage or leave you alone so that you could find someone who is ready for what you want as well.

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