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Reason Why
Post # 1
Merry meet everyone, I have seen those - Magick cannot change your DNA- and -You cant change into a mythical creature- along with the - Magick simply doesnt work that way- and I wanted to know your reasons why Magick cannot change your DNA why Magick won't do this and that because I have heard that if you say something multiple times, everyone would accept it as truth. I would like to know why Magick can't allow these sorts of works when it allow others because if we start saying that -Magick doesn't work that way- people might ask -Well how does magick work then? What would work if this doesn't?- I've seen people just get shot down because they ask for a vampire spell or for a body changing spell or even for posting that they tried a dragon spell. To sum it all up, I'm asking to hear why you think Magick won't work that way, your reason why anyone who attempts this will fail. Thank you for your time and blessed be.
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Re: Reason Why
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
This is because.. well put simply you were born the way you were supposed to be. Magick just unleashes your natural potential (Note how I said NATURAL) Changing your DNA goes against everything that you were born to be. So that is why you cannot change into a dragon or a vampire, some people tend to look at those terms in a glorified sense and don't accept the consequences that come with it.
Me personally, I don't believe in it because.. well it doesn't exist.

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Re: Reason Why
Post # 3
I actially believe magick can change a persons DNA at a small scale level. Any major change would take to much energy and even if that hurdle is passed would likely kill someone through shock to the body. Magick effects probablility. It makes the unlikely more likely. If something has zero chance to work nothing can change this. 1000 X 0 is still 0 basically. Magick is a tool used to solve a problem or aid in life. As a tool it cant solve every situation. sometimes is easier to go a different aproach. Another reason often used for these spells not working is the laws of nature. If you ask people what this means they will probably all say something slightly different. at a fundemental level however all usally agree. the laws of nature means that anything that cant happen in nature cant be produced by magick as magick is natural (there are other laws this is just the most useful for this conversation, also as I said before people usally disagree over the nature of the laws of nature). I feel this is a varient to the probablity rule. As far as I know humans do not miraculously transform into something else naturally. so this is another reason it can not work. DNA can change naturally through a process of mutation meaning DNA change is possible, but massive change does not occur naturaly.
I hope this helps
be well
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Re: Reason Why
Post # 4
"Well how does magick work then?"

It is not an easy answer.

What you do and think today, with strong emotion and directed towards an end will immediately set something in motion.

Whatever the powers that are, whatever the force that makes it all work will change the whole world if it has to, just to fulfill what you have put in place by your desire.

You have no knowledge of just what that force has to do to make your magic happen. It may involve an idea popping into the head of somebody across the other side of the world that starts a chain reaction that ultimately realises your goal.

To borrow a Christian cliche; God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.
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Re: Reason Why
By: / Novice
Post # 5
magic is energy found in nature, that's why it can't go against nature. nothing is impossible, but you have a 99% failure rate. i'm the type of person who looks at things logically before resorting to the mystical, and logic dictates energy and chanting 'grow wings' won't physically make it so. astrally speaking i suppose, but physically no. the power of the mind cannot make people become a panther or something. the mind can trick the body into believing it's sick, or some sugar pill worked, but it's not really happening, it's all in the persons head.

if you look at the history of vampires, there's plenty of reasons for this belief; people, diseases, hearsay, superstitions. by saying some words on a full moon and drinking some blood, it won't turn you into a vampire, no matter how strongly you belief, it just can't. of course, your mind might believe it's real, you'll consume raw meat, avoid sunlight, and do everything in a more vampiric way. you're not a real vampire however, just sanguine. which i have nothing against someone living a lifestyle, just know you're human. it's like positive affirmations, think positively and you'll only see good, and vice versa. it's no different with a spell, if you want something bad enough, you'll believe it worked.

certain ones can work, like to clear up your skin, little changes can be done if you combine your own desire and effort to acomplish it, the spells a motivator, a placebo, might speed up things, but no spells works over night. a friend of mine has a daughter with curlie hair, well she hates it [i personally love it but i have straight hair so whatever] every day for a month she'd use a hair straightener on her hair repeating a little chant she made up. by the end of the month, her hair was straight. but, it's not permanent, after a 4-6 weeks it starts to recurl, so one week a month she does the hair straightening thing. [did that for a few months before she gave up] point is, things can be changed with a little magical help, but you are human, if a human can't shapeshift, or fly, or whatever else, magic cannot alter it, since magic is a part of nature, as we all are. some is true if you cast a spell on a rabbit to eat meat, won't work.
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