I can't figure it out

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I can't figure it out
Post # 1
I am completely confused about the emotion of love I'm not sure what it is how it feels really anything related to it.

I'm scared (know that emotion well enough to be sure I am) that I love this girl but she doesn't love me back nor does she have the capacity to do so we are good friends and she isn't the kind of girl you go out with.

Well I really want some help I need to know whether or not there is a spell to make me feel love for someone or can someone explain it to me because I'm falling apart realizing that I have a lack of the ability to love.
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Re: I can't figure it out
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Ok, first of all take a deep breathe, calm yourself (because no one thinks clearly with a confused brain) and just think for a minute.

Worrying about feeling love or not is a silly thing, you may not think you have felt it yet but there will come a time when you will and trust me... when it hits, it hits like a full blown tsunami. It may not happen straight away, it might come slowly but the key is to be patient! Love comes looking for you, not the other way around.

Second of all don't worry about the girl, if she likes you she will let you know in her own way. I suggest sitting down with her and talking to her about how you feel, and if she accepts you, that's great! :) But honesty is the best policy, and if she doesn't accept you then it wasn't really meant to be.

Also try meditation or more exercise to calm your mind, it really helps for clarity of thought and you'll much better after it.

Good Luck,
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