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Runic Healing
Post # 1

For all your runeworkers out there, I found an excellent book titled The Elements of the Runes by Bernard King . The book had several points that I found interesting. One thing caught my eye specifically. The author briefly mentions healing and the runes and how they can relate. Many know that in Egil's Saga and in other classic lore sources we see runes being used to treat all sorts of spiritual maladies.So there has been a movement to reconstruct runic healing. In a sense it seems like it would be similar to runic reiki if such a comparison is appropriate. Here is what the author lists.

Fehu - The chest, respiratory complaints.

Uruz - Bodily musculature, strength etc.

Thurisaz - The heart.

Ansuz - The mouth, teeth, and speech disorders.

Raido - The legs and buttocks.

Kaunaz - Ulcers, fevers, abscesses and so on.

Gebo - Poisoning.

Wunjo - Breathing disorders, release of pain.

Hagalaz - Wounds, cuts, blood disorders.

Nauthiz - The arms.

Isa - Frostbite, paralysis, loss of sensation.

Jera - Bowel conditions, digestive disorders.

Eihwaz - Eye conditions.

Pertho - Female breasts and genitalia, birth.

Algiz - The head and brain, insanity.

Sowulo - Burns and skin disorders.

Teiwaz - The wrist, hands, and fingers. Arthritis.

Berkana - Various problems connected with fertility.

Mannaz - Back pains, problems, and conditions.

Laguz - Problems and diseases of the kidneys and urination.

Othila - Inherited diseases and defects.

Dagaz - Fear, mental illness and distress.

I cannot say for certain how traditional this is but it is interesting. As with many things take what you see here and use common sense. Don't try runic healing if you're bleeding out of suffering from a life threatening ailment.

What disappoints me is that I haven't been able to find much more on this form of healing besides this author. If anyone had resources on this I would appreciate if they'd share them with me.

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Re: Runic Healing
Post # 2
were did you get the book? I'd like to read it sometime
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Re: Runic Healing
Post # 3

I bought it at a bookstore called Halfprice Books. I think they have stores all over the U.S. However I am sure you can find it online at Amazon or other online bookstores. It was published in the UK if that helps you find a better shop.

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Re: Runic Healing
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Interesting and thought provoking, for sure.

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Re: Runic Healing
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Heathenism from Misc Topics.
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Re: Runic Healing
Post # 6

I found more on this topic recently that ties in with runic healing. This info is by Raven Kaldera but pertains to the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc runes, rather than Elder Futhark.

Info source:

It's a lot of info to go over, so I suggest reading it slowly and in segments.

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