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Very basic Info
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Well lately iv been hearing people talking about black magick and white magick well for infact magick has not colour all magick is your intent.

White magick: people call it white magick because they use it for good and good things only, 'white light is good' do it helps us keep darkness away so that's my opinion on white magick.

Black magick: people call it black magick because they like to use it for bad stuff or like to cast on people but thing about any powerfull spell, if you cast it it as a good chance of backfireing on you.

What is magick: well most of us know this answer, energy is magick and magick is energy, magick is all around some people don't know magick exist. But the people who are studying and practsing was ment to come to this site.

Meditation: meditation is not about stilling the minnd, meditation is about relaxing and being stress free,it helps you a lot when it comes to magick beacause the more you meditate the more you get intune with yourself and the universes is a simple exercise you could try. Get into a quiet place with no distractions, no start to become aware of your breat, if any thougts pop into your mind go to back to concentrating on your breath do this for five mins twice a day and each day make the time last longer.

Visuliseation: well this really helps you when it comes to meditation and working with spirits because you need to be able to 'see' clearly of what you want to see oter wise your mind will start putting random images in your head so here is a exercise to help you. I gice credit to EisKora because she taught me this one. So get into a comfertable place close your eyes and concentrate on the darkness likw look into the darkness you will start to see colours, if you keep doing it yoiu may be able to feel its energy pysically.

I had to create this post again because my last post was messy.


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